Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sri Ramayana Contest Phase 1

The Srimaan Trust conducted Sri Ramayanam Contest (Bala Kandam) on 17th June 2007. More than 2500 students all over the Tamil Nadu from 1st to 12th standards participated in the exam at various centers. The venues were:

  • Sri Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Srirangam
  • Sri Vignesh Ranga Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Srirangam
  • BHEL, Kailasapuram
  • BPN&P School

Around March 2007 students were issued of specially prepared Ramayana Questionnaire book in English and  Tamil .Contact classes were also conducted to provide the students to clear their doubts and know the subject deep. The students were divided in four groups (3 students in each group) and it was very interesting to note even small children under age 10 also attend the exam very eagerly arriving much earlier to the exam centers.
The Interest and cleverness of students was very visible when questions of doubt were raised by them regarding the subject. Parents of students appreciated the service of Srimaan Trust. The parents involvement is also appreciable.

Check out the album link here for a few snaps from the examination centers.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mupperum Vizhaa Celebrations 2007

With the divine grace and blessings of our Namperumal and Nachiar, "Mupperum Vizhaa" celebrated at the Lotus feet of Our Periya perumal and in the presence of Jeeyar Swamy, Acharyapurushas and Vidwans. The divine function began with "divyaprabandam song" sung by Srimaan Bhattar kuzham students. The spiritual diary,  Sri Ramayana contest book were released. Announcements were made for van service(more funds have to be mobilized and expecting more and more adiyars participation).

Sri Ranga Narayana Jeeyar swamy appreciated the sincere efforts of Srimaan Trust and showered His mangalasasanams for the future uninterrupted growth of our Srimaan Trust.  All Acharyapurushas and vidwans also graced us with their divine speech adding real strength to our activities.

Please check out 'The Hindu' report below or here.

We request all adiyars to support our Children and 2500 children going to write Sri Ramayana competition by purchasing more copies of the spiritual diary. Email us for your orders.

"Adiyargal Vaazha ArangaNagar Vaazha"

A Must-Have Diary for Divyadesa Pilgrims from the house of Srimaan Trust

Srimaan trust has always been aiming at bringing out novel ideas with the sole aim of  benefitting adiyars. The most recent novel effort has materialised into ' Srivaishnava Info. Diary'. This diary with various features is the best companion in all your Divya-desa yatrai.

Those interested (most of you would be) in buying the diary, provide the following details: 
  1. Complete Name
  2. Complete Address with Pin Code
  3. Contact Phone Number (preferably a mobile number)
  4. Number of Diaries you would need
We would immediately send the diary to  you and you can commence on a joyous divya -desa yartai! 

Check out the scanned picture of diary for a quick overview of the same.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Welcome to Srimaan Trust Blog Platform!

We sincerely welcome you one and all to the humble blog platform of Srimaan Trust. This weblog is created with a humble endeavor to serve as a complimentary and a service tool to Srimaan Trust initiatives as outlined in their website over here. I would also like to share with the reader the divine gallery that is created and managed by the organizer of Srimaan Trust over here

My sincere thanks to Ellayavilli Srivatsan, who is a volunteer for the organization from the Chennai chapter, in giving details about the various services of the organization and for his patient guided tour of the same. He can be reached for further details on his contact number (91) 984-012-8785 or his email address srivats_ek (at)

You can also directly contact Srimaan Trust at the following address:

231 South Uttara Street, 
Trichy -- 620 006. 
Tamil Nadu , INDIA 

Telephone: (91) 431-2431109