Monday, June 28, 2010

Fervor on etiquettes

Two students of SRIMAAN BHATTAR GURUKULAM had not undergone their sacred function of Upanayanam. But the boys were very enthusiastic and were requesting ammangar and swami to perform the orthodoxical etiquette. At a stage they began to importune for the same and ammangar and swami were pleased their eagerness and arranged the upanayanam to be performed at the gurukulam itself.

The upanayanam function was arranged in a grandway on 24th June. All the usual orthodox and customary practices were observed – Goshti, Thadiyaradhana, Udhaka Shanthi, Kumara Bhojanam, Yagnopaveeth Dharanam, etc. Many Acharya purushas, Vidwans and well wishers assembled to bless the vadus. Everyone who came to know about the children’s enthusiasm in learning were surprised and very much pleased.

All children of SRIMAAN BHATTAR GURUKULAM celebrated the function just like their family festival. It was very delightful to see the brightness and pleasure on the faces of innocent kids. After the orthodoxical etiquettes were over a series of upanyasams was performed by the students.

Suresh described of the SOWSEELYAM of Sriman Narayana,




The upanyasams were prepared by the students on their own and it was really unbelievable for the least time they had taken and the best narrations they have performed. If revealed the skills hidden under their innocent faces and everyone appreciated their talents very much. The fervor of the children to learn the etiquettes and to adhere to them is the fruition of the blessings of SriRenganatha and SriRenganachiyar along with the blessings of the Acharyas.

Swami and Ammangar were appreciated of their part to be the impetus for the children and swami dedicated the praises to the teachers of the gurukulam.

Now, the children, after their Upanayanam have begun to importune swami and ammangar to arrange Samashrayanam for them.

Divya Dampathi of Srirangam shall shower torrents of blessings to all of them for a long, peaceful, happy, healthy and content life.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

ACHARYAH's second academic year


By Namperumal’s abundant grace, ACHARYAH has stepped into its second academic year on 07.06.10.  Nine more tiny tots have joined our spiritual journey in pre-k.g.  As we want the children to be happy in ACHARYAH, we allowed the mothers to be with us for a week.  From 14th of June, the children got involved in our activities and bid good-bye to their parents happily.  Through our sensorial education the intellectual exploration of the child was catered properly.  Within a week, the children were adapted to this second home of them, ACHARYAH.

Our L.K.G children who did their pre-schooling here were like bundles of joy on their reopening day.  They were also tuned to our routine. All our children listen carefully to the slokas and stories of our sampradayam.  They enjoy being a part of ACHARYAH.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Achievements of ACHARYAH school children


By the grace of Namperumal, Nachiar, Azhwars and Acharyahs, our ACHARYAH School has entered its second academic year. Out of twenty children who did their pre-schooling here, ten are continuing with us for their K.G.I. At this juncture SRIMAAN TRUST proudly presents the achievements of our children during 2009-10. We are grateful to God Almighty and all his devotees for making this endeavor successful.



       (I) 15 action rhymes including divine rhymes.

(II) Children can arrange sound boxes in ascending order. This is the basic of shruthi in music.

(III) Can speak simple sentences in English.

(IV) Listening skills have improved by increasing their sitting tolerance


(I) Children know 5 Thirukkurals, 20 in Aathichudi and 5 in Kondraivendhan with meaning.

(II) They know and follow 5 proverbs.


(I) Can do grouping & sorting

(II) Concepts:

a. Big & Small b. Tall & Short c. Thick & Thin d. More & Loss

(III) Can count upto 10 (Quantitative understanding)

(IV) Degrees of Comparison.

            (V) 15 shapes (including polygons & 3D shapes)


(I) Phonetically, the child can correlate a word with the starting letter of the alphabet.

(II) Identification of alphabet (Aa to Ii)


(I) Solar system

(II) Concept of solar eclipse

(III) Concept of day & night

(IV) Over 15 edible things & their nutritive value.

(V) Concept of inhalation & exhalation

(VI) Name of the teeth & their work & importance of brushing

(VII) Concept of thunder, lighting

(VIII) Wet & dry, Conservation of water


(I) Children have learnt to be punctual, humble and perfect

(II) Learnt to dress themselves independently.

(III) Learnt to eat by themselves.

(IV) Learnt to keep themselves and their environment clean.

(V) Learnt to be patient for doing art & craft activity

(VI) Tendency to share.


(I) Thiruppavai – 5

(II) Panchayuthangal

(III) 5 Slokas for Prayer

a. Sapthapraakara

b. Pachaimamalai

c. Poonilaya

d. Kanninun Siruthambu

e. Ullasa Pallavitha

(IV) Can enact all the vahanams of Namperumal.

(V) Knowledge story of Sriramayana


A few photos are: