Saturday, June 26, 2010

ACHARYAH's second academic year


By Namperumal’s abundant grace, ACHARYAH has stepped into its second academic year on 07.06.10.  Nine more tiny tots have joined our spiritual journey in pre-k.g.  As we want the children to be happy in ACHARYAH, we allowed the mothers to be with us for a week.  From 14th of June, the children got involved in our activities and bid good-bye to their parents happily.  Through our sensorial education the intellectual exploration of the child was catered properly.  Within a week, the children were adapted to this second home of them, ACHARYAH.

Our L.K.G children who did their pre-schooling here were like bundles of joy on their reopening day.  They were also tuned to our routine. All our children listen carefully to the slokas and stories of our sampradayam.  They enjoy being a part of ACHARYAH.


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