Saturday, July 31, 2010

Upanyasam by Parasara Badri Narayana Bhattar

An Upanyasam by Parasara Badri Narayana Bhattar has been scheduled on Sankara TV on 0630 hours on August 1 2010.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vedha Vithu Honored

A Veteran in Vedham, Vyakaranam, Vedantha, Dharga, Meemamsa and other Sasthras, Sri.U.Ve SRIVATHSANGACHARIYAR washonoured by SRIMAAN BHATTAR KUZHAM on 23.07.10. The function VIDHWATH VANDHANAM was conducted at Sri Parasara Bhattar Thirumaligai in the assembly of all SRIMAAN BHATTAR KUZHAM and SRIMAAN BHATTAR GURUKULAM Students, some Parents, Kainkaryasrees, Ammangar and our Swami.

Sri.U.Ve Achudha Ramanujam Swami was also present. The glory of Srivathsangachariyar is very vast and well known in the Srivaishnava world. He is a retired prinicipal and an Adhikari with rare skills in Sasthras. And with good forethought, he has been named as Srivathsan, the home of Sridevi. To say in a nutshell, we have been very fortunate to have a chance to honour such a Vidwan.

The Vidwan swamy expressed his happiness to meet the children and chat with them. Especially the recitation of Vedha by our SRIMAAN BHATTAR GURUKULAM Students impressed the Swami and he enjoyed the various brief performances of SRIMAAN BHATTAR KUZHAM and SRIMAAN BHATTAR GURUKULAM children like the recitation of Divya Prabandhams, narration of Gajendra Azhwan story etc.

Finally the Vidhwan Swami did mangalasasanams to the children for the best future of SriVaishnava Kainkaryam.

Check out a few videos from this function here.

A few photos from this divine occasion are:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sriman Narayana is never away from earshot distance

The summum bonum of Srivaishnavism is His devotees are not left alone helpless. It is quite evident that where, when, how and by whom you shall get help is completely unpredictable. A Srivaishnava family (Parents with 5 daughters ranging from L.K.G to Xth) from a small town needed help for livelihood and approached our Swami a few months back. Swami, ever complaisant and sublime spared no time to delay and immediately extended his help for the residence of the family in Srirangam, admission for the children to schools respective of their ages. Though there is always enough trouble in making the ends meet with financial position, Swami is used to adopt always the policy of “LEAP BEFORE YOU THINK” and did all necessary things. He is used to say “PLAN HOW TO SERVE AND WORRY NOT OF ELSE BECAUSE HE SHALL LOOK AFTER THAT”. And we always see his words come true and some are blessed to get the chance of contributing and participating in the kainkaryam.

Swami, with a broad-minded person, arranged provisions and food materials too to the family. The family which was in woes a short time before is brought back to the path of EMBERUMANAR DHARSHANAM and no doubt to the pleasure of Him. Divya Thampathi of Srirangam should ever be pleased with the kainkaryams of this kind and let us all join hands with Swami in all his ventures.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Swami Nammazhwar Sannidhi Cleaning

Srimaan Trust took the kainkaryam of cleaning the NAMMAZHWAR SANNIDHI (Inside the Srirangam temple) on 04th July 2010.  This time the team of 20 students of Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam(SBG)  and students of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham(SBK) along with enthusiastic volunteers participated in the kainkaryam and the children competed with each other to with smile in their faces. 

The premises of Sannidhi were very clean and pleasant to our eyes after the work was finished, but the faces of the children were very pleasant from the starting to the end.

A few photos from this divine occasion are:

Monday, July 5, 2010


Swami wanted to arrange a test on the performance of the SRIMAAN BHATTAR GURUKULAM students – this time by an external veteran! He considered the test by an external veteran only being the impartial evaluation.

Sri.U.Ve Deivanayagam swamy, a well known veteran from Chennai was requested to examine the students, evaluate and to comment with suggestions to improve. Sri U.Ve. Akkarkani Srinidhi swamy also gave his divine present to Gurukulam on this exam day and also tested the children.

Sri.U.Ve Deivanayagam swamy took a full day 19.06.10 to examine all the students. Students were put under thorough examination of their individual skills. Chanting of Divyaprabandhams continuosly from a particular pasuram, reciting a pasuram from a particular starting word, ending word, reciting pasurams of a particular divyadesam likewise.

The examiner was very much impressed by the skills to recite the pasurams instantly in their dulcet voice. He also expressed his complaisance with the students’ skills in reciting pasurams unflaggingly even while they were questioned criss-crossingly. He praised the students and their teachers to have prepared and learnt much in short time.

Finally he submitted his suggestions also to swami which swami promised to examine and implement. His comments added another responsibility over everyone - to outperform their performance in the next examination! It is MUCH MORE THAN DISTINCTION.