Monday, July 5, 2010


Swami wanted to arrange a test on the performance of the SRIMAAN BHATTAR GURUKULAM students – this time by an external veteran! He considered the test by an external veteran only being the impartial evaluation.

Sri.U.Ve Deivanayagam swamy, a well known veteran from Chennai was requested to examine the students, evaluate and to comment with suggestions to improve. Sri U.Ve. Akkarkani Srinidhi swamy also gave his divine present to Gurukulam on this exam day and also tested the children.

Sri.U.Ve Deivanayagam swamy took a full day 19.06.10 to examine all the students. Students were put under thorough examination of their individual skills. Chanting of Divyaprabandhams continuosly from a particular pasuram, reciting a pasuram from a particular starting word, ending word, reciting pasurams of a particular divyadesam likewise.

The examiner was very much impressed by the skills to recite the pasurams instantly in their dulcet voice. He also expressed his complaisance with the students’ skills in reciting pasurams unflaggingly even while they were questioned criss-crossingly. He praised the students and their teachers to have prepared and learnt much in short time.

Finally he submitted his suggestions also to swami which swami promised to examine and implement. His comments added another responsibility over everyone - to outperform their performance in the next examination! It is MUCH MORE THAN DISTINCTION.


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