Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sriman Narayana is never away from earshot distance

The summum bonum of Srivaishnavism is His devotees are not left alone helpless. It is quite evident that where, when, how and by whom you shall get help is completely unpredictable. A Srivaishnava family (Parents with 5 daughters ranging from L.K.G to Xth) from a small town needed help for livelihood and approached our Swami a few months back. Swami, ever complaisant and sublime spared no time to delay and immediately extended his help for the residence of the family in Srirangam, admission for the children to schools respective of their ages. Though there is always enough trouble in making the ends meet with financial position, Swami is used to adopt always the policy of “LEAP BEFORE YOU THINK” and did all necessary things. He is used to say “PLAN HOW TO SERVE AND WORRY NOT OF ELSE BECAUSE HE SHALL LOOK AFTER THAT”. And we always see his words come true and some are blessed to get the chance of contributing and participating in the kainkaryam.

Swami, with a broad-minded person, arranged provisions and food materials too to the family. The family which was in woes a short time before is brought back to the path of EMBERUMANAR DHARSHANAM and no doubt to the pleasure of Him. Divya Thampathi of Srirangam should ever be pleased with the kainkaryams of this kind and let us all join hands with Swami in all his ventures.

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