Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vedha Vithu Honored

A Veteran in Vedham, Vyakaranam, Vedantha, Dharga, Meemamsa and other Sasthras, Sri.U.Ve SRIVATHSANGACHARIYAR washonoured by SRIMAAN BHATTAR KUZHAM on 23.07.10. The function VIDHWATH VANDHANAM was conducted at Sri Parasara Bhattar Thirumaligai in the assembly of all SRIMAAN BHATTAR KUZHAM and SRIMAAN BHATTAR GURUKULAM Students, some Parents, Kainkaryasrees, Ammangar and our Swami.

Sri.U.Ve Achudha Ramanujam Swami was also present. The glory of Srivathsangachariyar is very vast and well known in the Srivaishnava world. He is a retired prinicipal and an Adhikari with rare skills in Sasthras. And with good forethought, he has been named as Srivathsan, the home of Sridevi. To say in a nutshell, we have been very fortunate to have a chance to honour such a Vidwan.

The Vidwan swamy expressed his happiness to meet the children and chat with them. Especially the recitation of Vedha by our SRIMAAN BHATTAR GURUKULAM Students impressed the Swami and he enjoyed the various brief performances of SRIMAAN BHATTAR KUZHAM and SRIMAAN BHATTAR GURUKULAM children like the recitation of Divya Prabandhams, narration of Gajendra Azhwan story etc.

Finally the Vidhwan Swami did mangalasasanams to the children for the best future of SriVaishnava Kainkaryam.

Check out a few videos from this function here.

A few photos from this divine occasion are:

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