Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gnyan Pradarshan - Part-III

A Brief note on project exhibited by our SRIMAAN BHATTAR GURUKULAM student MANI BALAJI. To begin with let us see this year’s (2009-10) “MANATHUKKINIYAAN – MANI BALAJI’.

Every year a boy is selected as “MANATHUKKINIYAAN” as addressed by Andal in Thiruppavai.

This year’s “MANATHUKKINIYAAN – MANI BALAJI’ is a boy of very good virtues. He was a topper in both academic and spiritual studies, well disciplined obedient, caring, confident and intelligent boy. This boy seems to be highly tolerant. He tolerates all adverse conditions, criticisms and keeps smiling even in difficulties. He received the “MANATHUKKINIYAAN AWARD” from the Srirangam Jeeyar Swamy and his parents received a cash prize of Rs.2000/- from our Chief Guest Dr. Ramakrishna Eswaran.

Mani Balaji presented “BANKING” as his choice of project. He could talk right from the banking regulations act till the recent decision of the Reserve Bank to issue plastic notes, shortly. He was tested on all aspects of loan, accounts and fund transfer by the public. To their astonishment, he answered all their questions with apt explanations. He made every visitor thorough about banking operations.

Mani Balaji was given practical exposure (along with Venkatesh & Suresh) to banks and its operations. This project has given him great confidence that he can handle any banking operations in future with ease.


He could tell the pasuram if we name the DIVYADESAM. Even our Chief Guest was impressed by the way he presented the vaibavam.

A few videos of this occasion are:

A few photographs from this occasion are shared below:



Due to the divine grace of Our Namperumal and Nachiar, ""GNYAN PRADARSHAN” celebrated at the Lotus feet of Our Periya perumal and in the presence of Jeeyar Swamy and chief guest Dr. Ramakrishna Eswaran, The students of Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam showcased their deep learning through a workshop on both general academic and spirituality on the 15th august 2010.*  

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Friday, August 20, 2010


By the divine grace of Azhwars and Acharyas, the students of Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam showcased their deep learning through a workshop on both general academic and spirituality on the 15th august 2010.

The workshop was blessed by HH Srirangam Jeeyar swamy and graced by our chief guest Dr.Ramakrishna Eeshwaran (Neurosurgeon).

The Jeeyar blessed the founder, kainkaryaparas and all the children. Though he had great difficulty in communicating, he particularly listened to the children and blessed them. Our chief guest Dr.Ramakrishna Eeshwaran is a man of noble deeds and actions. He was a man of few words. The Doctor patiently listened to every child's elaborate explanation and encouraged every child by interacting with them. The children were excited to read feedback notes he wrote for them. All the parents of our gurukulam were astonished to see their child excelling both in academic and spirituality and felt very much contented.

The workshop commenced at 10.00 am and went on till 08:30 pm. Aacharyas,Vidhwans.general public , school children and children from other padasalas visited our workshop and were surprised to the see the same child  chanting Vedas on one hand and speaking about the communication technology  on the other hand, another child talking about agamas on one hand architecture on the other hand, like wise. On the whole it was a wonderful feast of divinity and practical academics for the whole lot. The blessings of Azhwars and Acharyas and the divine mangalasasanam of you all will definitely make us reach heights shortly.

You can check out a few videos of this function over here:

You can also check out a few photographs of this occasion over here:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Notebook distribution to school students

Aranganayaki Primary School is one of the schools adopted by our Trust for conducting spiritual classes every Thursday.  This spiritual class is being regularly conducted by Sri Srinivasa Bhagavadar, one of our kainkaryasree. There was a request from the School to provide Note Books.

Trust arranged the notebooks to be distributed by Sri. Venkatesan, Chief Manager, State Bank of India-Srirangam Branch, Srirangam.   A function was arranged on 05.08.10 at the School hall and Sri Parasara Azhagiasinga Bhattar Swami and Sri. Venkatesan handed over the note books to the needy students. 

The Head Mistress of the school also thanked the Trust.  All the children assembled shouted “Thanks” with joy!  The happiness seen on their faces makes one feel happy – to be helpful in need!

South Renga Middle School also wanted note books.  Our Trust provided the note books as they requested.  Note Books were issued on a special function on 06.08.10.  Sri. Santharam, Manager, ICICI Bank, Srirangam Branch participated as the chief guest and handed over the note books to the students.

The purpose of inviting prominent people to the function of the Trust is simply introducing them of our service to the society. So that the schools and our trust may get attention of more broad minded people.  May Emberumanar help us to strengthen the Dharsanam in turning the attention of the kind hearted people towards the needy!

A few photos of the function are shared below.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Upanyasam by Parasara Badri Narayana Bhattar– Part 2

This is the sequel (Part 2) of the Upanyasam. The continuity would be telecast on Sankara TV on 7th August 2010 at 0630 hours.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Pillar of Emberumanar Dharshanam honored

Revering and prostrating Adiyars is one of the exemplary decorum observed and indoctrinated by our Purvacharyas. To instill the strait in the minds of kids, Srimaan Trust has put in practice for a long time to revere Vidwans and Acharyas every month. Vidwath Vandhanam,Acharya Vandhanam and Sannidhi (Kainkaryapara) Vandhanam are the names given to the activity.

A number of Vidwans, Acharyas and Sannidhis have been revered in this scheme, (Introducing the revered swami to chat children with details of him, submitting children’s talents in recitation of divyaprabhandham, slokam and in narrating their learnt things to the swami, swami’s mangalasasanam to children and submitting of sampavana and victuals from the funds of their savings combined with trust’s help etc) and every student has got the basic knowledge of vidwans and acharyas and their share of kainkaryam to Emberumanar Dharshanam.

This month we had been fortunate of revering Sri.U.Ve Mudhaliyandan Swamy in Acharya Vandhanam. The Swamy was introduced to the students of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham and Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam by our Founder Swami and when he heard the recitations of various children, he was much pleased with their excellence. He especially appreciated the recitation of Vedha by Gurukulam students in their canorous and eloquent voice and blessed the children to be always in learning and observing in practical life.

The Swami was honored with sampavana and victuals and children supplicated the swami to pay frequent visits to bless them.

Founder swami embellished the function with a brief in his connate florid and entrancing voice. Check out a few photos from this divine occasion below.