Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gnyan Pradarshan - Part-III

A Brief note on project exhibited by our SRIMAAN BHATTAR GURUKULAM student MANI BALAJI. To begin with let us see this year’s (2009-10) “MANATHUKKINIYAAN – MANI BALAJI’.

Every year a boy is selected as “MANATHUKKINIYAAN” as addressed by Andal in Thiruppavai.

This year’s “MANATHUKKINIYAAN – MANI BALAJI’ is a boy of very good virtues. He was a topper in both academic and spiritual studies, well disciplined obedient, caring, confident and intelligent boy. This boy seems to be highly tolerant. He tolerates all adverse conditions, criticisms and keeps smiling even in difficulties. He received the “MANATHUKKINIYAAN AWARD” from the Srirangam Jeeyar Swamy and his parents received a cash prize of Rs.2000/- from our Chief Guest Dr. Ramakrishna Eswaran.

Mani Balaji presented “BANKING” as his choice of project. He could talk right from the banking regulations act till the recent decision of the Reserve Bank to issue plastic notes, shortly. He was tested on all aspects of loan, accounts and fund transfer by the public. To their astonishment, he answered all their questions with apt explanations. He made every visitor thorough about banking operations.

Mani Balaji was given practical exposure (along with Venkatesh & Suresh) to banks and its operations. This project has given him great confidence that he can handle any banking operations in future with ease.


He could tell the pasuram if we name the DIVYADESAM. Even our Chief Guest was impressed by the way he presented the vaibavam.

A few videos of this occasion are:

A few photographs from this occasion are shared below:

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