Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Pillar of Emberumanar Dharshanam honored

Revering and prostrating Adiyars is one of the exemplary decorum observed and indoctrinated by our Purvacharyas. To instill the strait in the minds of kids, Srimaan Trust has put in practice for a long time to revere Vidwans and Acharyas every month. Vidwath Vandhanam,Acharya Vandhanam and Sannidhi (Kainkaryapara) Vandhanam are the names given to the activity.

A number of Vidwans, Acharyas and Sannidhis have been revered in this scheme, (Introducing the revered swami to chat children with details of him, submitting children’s talents in recitation of divyaprabhandham, slokam and in narrating their learnt things to the swami, swami’s mangalasasanam to children and submitting of sampavana and victuals from the funds of their savings combined with trust’s help etc) and every student has got the basic knowledge of vidwans and acharyas and their share of kainkaryam to Emberumanar Dharshanam.

This month we had been fortunate of revering Sri.U.Ve Mudhaliyandan Swamy in Acharya Vandhanam. The Swamy was introduced to the students of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham and Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam by our Founder Swami and when he heard the recitations of various children, he was much pleased with their excellence. He especially appreciated the recitation of Vedha by Gurukulam students in their canorous and eloquent voice and blessed the children to be always in learning and observing in practical life.

The Swami was honored with sampavana and victuals and children supplicated the swami to pay frequent visits to bless them.

Founder swami embellished the function with a brief in his connate florid and entrancing voice. Check out a few photos from this divine occasion below.

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