Friday, October 29, 2010

The Acharya School – A field trip to Madhurakavi Nandhavanam

It was on the sunny Wednesday, 27th October, Acharyah children were given an opportunity to learn Botany through natural exploration. That was a field trip to Madhurakavi Nandhavanam at Srirangam. This Nandhavanam is an extremely privileged flower garden. The flowers blooming here are exclusively for Namperumal. The herbs, leaves and fibre also trace their path to Namperumal’s Thirumeni. No flower under the sky other than those from this garden can adorn him!

This is a unique and apt place for us to induct Science and spirituality to our children. They went and felt all the plants they were allowed to. They had wide categories of herbs, shrubs, trees and climbers to watch, feel and learn. This concept oriented natural learning induces them towards scientific thinking. This real time model provides a concrete idea about natural science in the young minds.

Children also collected various herbs such as Tulsi, Thumbai, Keezhanalli, Kuppaimeni etc. Their collection included leaves, flowers and buds too. Once back to school,they  pressed the leaves in their record books for further study.

Children were taken also to the river bed  to have a view of thula Cauvery’s full fledged flow. Children had a look at the herbs and shrubs on the river bed too.The glitter in the eyes of the young ones seemed to encompass the whole area and furthered the beauty of shining pebbles on the river bed.

There was a cow its calf  in the garden. Our children fed them with bananas. That was a happy and healthy learning in the open area for our tine tots. The joy was evident not only in the children but also among the trees,flowers , the cow and the calf

Do check out a few photos out of this divine occasion.

You can also check out a video of this trip over here:

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