Monday, November 8, 2010

Basking in Holy Luminescence

The parents think…

How good does it feel when our children are with us for a festival but they hop from shop to shop to buy the sweets and savouries to celebrate the festival? Or does it not hurt when they prepare their own delicacies when we are around the corner?

Such were the ruminations of Periya Perumal and and SriRenganachiar on the eve of Deepavali. In such a magnificent residence ( Thiruvaranagam PeriyaKoil) of theirs, where, with every striking hour a new Prasadam is piously prepared, why should their children residing in close vicinity(read Srirangam) arduously cook their own Deepavali Bakshanams? Can’t the flower like Thirukkai ( Hands) of SriRenganachiar not dish out aromatic items for her dearest children?

Zap go the orders….

Instantly went the instructions to Her beloved son Sri Parasara Bhattar who immediately passed on the news to His descendents and thus the atmosphere at SriKoorathazhwan sannidhi was set abuzz with feverish festivity ! The sole aim being the preparation of Deepavali Bakshanams inside the Koil and under the strict supervision of SriRenganachiar and its distribution to the Kainkarya paras and also the less-privileged school goers of Srirangam.

Experts called in..

Srivaishnavites known for their expertise in Srivaishnava cuisine and also the subtleties of Koil Aacharam were invited and the preparations began in grand style. 4 hours of non stop soaking, stewing, mixing, cooking & frying followed and finally the much awaited Baadusha, Mixture, …………..? were geared up for consumption. 2000 pottalams(packets) of Badushas and 100 kilos of Mixture were readied drenched in the reverberation of Dvayam continuously uttered by the volunteers of Srimaan Trust.

Supervisors show the Green card…

The prasadams were placed before SriKoorathazhwan and Sri Parasara Bhattar whose Thirumukha mandalam seemed pleased as a sign of satisfaction as regards the quality of preparations . Overjoyed , the Descendents of Parasara Bhattar along with the volunteers of Srimaan Trust headed straight to the Thirumaaligais of Acharyapurushas adorning the streets of Srirangam and humbly served them the Bakshanams. Every A.Purusha family accepted the Prasadams with great warmth. One family was so joyous that they exclaimed they’ll stop all preparations at their Thirumaaligai from the following year and anticipate the Prasadam from the premise of Their eternal Parents!

Grace of The Couple permeates….

After the Divine exchange with the Kainkarya-para families , the volunteers paced their feet to Aranganayaki and South Ranga School . Addressing the congregation of over 1000 children, the volunteers explained the importance of Deepavali celebration and stressed the need to inculcate the Athma Gunas ( basic human qualities) embodied in our Scriptures. The children were rapt in attention and imbibed the crux of the teaching. The Volunteers ended the interaction with the distribution of Sweets and Mixture.

Needless to say, this Deepavali brought huge smiles in the Thirumukhams of SriKooratazhwan, Sri Parasara Bhattar , Kainkarya-Paras , the less privileged Children, volunteers …………….and of course the initiators of this whole happening, the Ever lovely and grace radiating Eternal Couple!

A few photographs from this divine occasion are shared below:

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