Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Emberumanar Arranges and Steers Forward Everything!

A Sacred Desire Fulfilled!

The fivefold sacraments (Pancha Samskara) should be performed on every Srivaishnava by an Acharya, so have directed all our Purvacharyas. A student of Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam, Chi. Srinivas of Hyderabad was due to undergo this sanctifying ceremony. As his Acharya was in Hyderabad, he had to spare a few days for the same and the student as well as our Swami and Ammangar didn’t want his curriculum disturbed.

Hence Swami arranged to perform the function at Srirangam itself and the acharya of the student understood the situation and accepted to make a visit to Srirangam. Acharya of the student, modest and humble came over to Srirangam and administered the sacraments on the student to qualify him with the inextricable relationship with Paramathma.

After the ceremony was over, the acharya swami enquired and heard of the kainkaryams undertaken by our Trust and was much impressed and pleased. He evaluated the children’s performances and praised our Swami and Ammangar for their selfless kainkaryam for the uplift of Emberumanar Dharshanam. He also assured of his full cooperation in the kainkaryams of the Trust.

A quick photo of the function are attached here:


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