Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mupperum Vizhaa Celebrations 2007

With the divine grace and blessings of our Namperumal and Nachiar, "Mupperum Vizhaa" celebrated at the Lotus feet of Our Periya perumal and in the presence of Jeeyar Swamy, Acharyapurushas and Vidwans. The divine function began with "divyaprabandam song" sung by Srimaan Bhattar kuzham students. The spiritual diary,  Sri Ramayana contest book were released. Announcements were made for van service(more funds have to be mobilized and expecting more and more adiyars participation).

Sri Ranga Narayana Jeeyar swamy appreciated the sincere efforts of Srimaan Trust and showered His mangalasasanams for the future uninterrupted growth of our Srimaan Trust.  All Acharyapurushas and vidwans also graced us with their divine speech adding real strength to our activities.

Please check out 'The Hindu' report below or here.

We request all adiyars to support our Children and 2500 children going to write Sri Ramayana competition by purchasing more copies of the spiritual diary. Email us for your orders.

"Adiyargal Vaazha ArangaNagar Vaazha"

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