Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Must-Have Diary for Divyadesa Pilgrims from the house of Srimaan Trust

Srimaan trust has always been aiming at bringing out novel ideas with the sole aim of  benefitting adiyars. The most recent novel effort has materialised into ' Srivaishnava Info. Diary'. This diary with various features is the best companion in all your Divya-desa yatrai.

Those interested (most of you would be) in buying the diary, provide the following details: 
  1. Complete Name
  2. Complete Address with Pin Code
  3. Contact Phone Number (preferably a mobile number)
  4. Number of Diaries you would need
We would immediately send the diary to  you and you can commence on a joyous divya -desa yartai! 

Check out the scanned picture of diary for a quick overview of the same.

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