Friday, November 26, 2010

Vedic Maths Coaching to Srimaan Trust Students

Following the article about our Trust in the Pengalmalar of Dinamalar, a volunteer came forward to teach the children of our SRIMAAN BHATTAR GURUKULAM and SRIMAAN BHATTAR KUZHAM, a novel method of arithmetic called Vedic Maths

The volunteer has been impressed by the various services of our Trust and wants to offer his share to the students’ society. His method of teaching Vedic Maths seems to minimize the efforts needed to memorize the tables and to solve the sums of addition, subtraction etc. in an easier way.

An introduction class was conducted on 14th November 2010 which proved to be successful in receiving appreciation from students and parents.

The volunteer has offered to conduct classes on Sundays for gurukulam and bhattar kuzham students. May he and his service be blessed by Acharyah!

Check out a few photos from the inauguration function:

You can also view the videos of this function here.

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