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A Donor's day out!

Our Trust has always had the Baghyam of many donors visiting it and doing Mangalasasanams for its activities. One such donor visited us in the first week of March and spent quality time with us. On returning back , this donor has beautifully mailed( a long one indeed!) us his anubhavam amidst the children and members of Srimaan Trust. He is sending his anubavams in parts and we are reproducing them here .


Adiyen is a donor of Srimaan Trust. Though adiyen had been greatly impressed by the activities of the Trust, especially the running of the Gurukulam, all this impression was only through the mails circulated and news that spread by word of mouth. Never had I been there in person to see the children and witness their functioning.

Very recently, with the boundless grace of Namperumal and Srirenganachiar, adiyen got an opportunity to visit the pristine city of Srirangam. I spent the first day at the magnificent ‘Koil’ and needless to say, the day just passed off as a flowery breeze boosting the spirituality and Bhakthi within adiyen.

It was the second day that has and will ever remain entrenched in adiyen’s heart. The founder of Trust Sri Parasara Badribhattar swamy and his Dharma Pathni, knowing adiyens plan to visit Srirangam, had in advance requested me to visit the Gurukulam and bless the children. They had also, with great affection, asked the Srivaishnavar cooking meals for the children to prepare something special for adiyen also.

As the early morning sun softly let out its golden rays, and the wind carrying the reverberations of the Pasurams and Vedam sung in the streets of Srirangam, the unwinding walk around the Thiruveedhi finally led me to Bhattar Gurukulam.adiyen went there all alone with no prior intimation to the inhabitants.

Even before nearing the Gurukulam, the atmosphere seemed electrified with mellifluous voices chanting Pancha Shanthi , Gadya thrayam and Thirucchanda viruttham. At the entrance was seated a youngster in his mid twenties. With a face filled with Vairagyam and thejas, he welcomed adiyen with “ Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha”in his lips and and hands folded in Anjali mudrai. It seemed as though these words eternally belonged to him. I casually enquired his whereabouts and was overwhelmed (and also shocked) to know he was from Ayodhya ! This person holding a degree in engineering, with no prior knowledge of our Sampradayam, has come all the way from Ayodhya to Srirangam with the sole motive of taking care of the Gurukulam children.He is the care taker of the Gurukulam.

With utmost bewilderment and disbelief, adiyen entered the main hall and sat on the floor. It was then that it struck me that the very Master of Srirangam, Lord Ranganatha Himself was from the Land of Sarayu ! Lord Ranga came here to fulfill the wish of Cauvery and King Dharmavarma and this person has come to Srirangam to fulfill Lord Ranganatha’s wish of increasing by manifold His adiyars!

With these thoughts rushing through adiyens heart, adiyen’s eyes turned moist contemplating the Grace of Namperumal and Sriranganachiar. This train of thought was suddenly broken when two little nestlings of the Gurukulam with beautiful Kudumi , luminous Thiruman , Veshti and Thulasi Mani malai approached adiyen.

As these two little pupils of the Gurukulam approached adiyen, adiyen too got up. Both of them in unison uttered “ Adiyen Ramanuja daasan” at the pitch of their voice as little children always do. But only later in the day did adiyen know these children were more than mere children! Without giving a chance for adiyen to strike a conversation, these two vidyarthis paced their steps in rhythm, picked up a vessel each, filled it with well water and ventured to perform Sandhya-vandanam.

The site was very cute. Just around 7 yrs of age and still carrying some traces of Mazhalai in their words, they ambitiously performed the Nithya Karma as though it was the only thing they were born to do. Yes, we adults and very unfortunately even our kids are unable to fully immerse ourselves/themselves in any work . i.e give it 100 %. When I start a work my mind hops from a new wish to work to the ongoing World Cup to the whereabouts of my children and finally ends up worrying about everything mentioned above. The adult mind is filled with so much of random thoughts that it finally gets choked and energy gets sapped. Fortunately, these children haven’t fallen prey to the ‘living out of suitcase’ culture and won’t have to pay the physician in suitcases as we (I) do or are likely to do if we continue maintain this lifestyle!

Once the sandhya vandanam was over, they rushed into a room perched between the main hall and the kitchen. And adiyen followed them with lot of curiosity. Inside the room were seated almost all the students of the gurukulam. A few of them, I was told, were in the kitchen.

Seeing all these children together under one roof was something beyond words. The children are divided into groups such as Periya Thirumozhi, Periazhwar Thirumozhi and Iyarpa depending on their age. All the students of Periazhwar thirumozhi are the children of Acharakas of Divya desams like Thirukkudandhai . These children are vigorously learning Aagama sashtram. Looking at them adiyen was transported to Thirukkudandhai and the picture of them doing Thiruvaradhanam to Aaravamudhan enveloped my mind. It felt so blissful to be amidst them. They were shouldering so much of ancestral responsibility and the Gurukulam ( with the grace of Periya Perumal) has assumed the responsibility of nurturing them.

When all their morning Thiruvai(re-reciting previously learnt topics for permanent remembrance) got over, they all gathered at the main hall . Adiyen went straight and prostrated them. Immediately all of them prostrated me. Very shocked as this I asked why they prostrated, and one child, with the glitter in his eyes pervading his face, casually told “Vaishnavo Vaishnavam Drishtva Dhandavath Pranameth Bhuvi”. Except for a few words learnt at primary school and some words learnt while listening to Upanyasams, adiyen knows nothing of Sanskrit. Seeing me in perplexity, one elderly boy with so much of humility, softly told it meant “ A Vaishnavite should fall at the feet of another when each other meet”.

Virtue, it seemed had decided to seek refuge in these children.

Noting down the pious shloka on SriVaishnava lakshanam on a piece of paper, adiyen hurriedly pulled out one Vidyrthi from amongst them and asked him what he does everyday morning from the time of dawn till the time adiyen was there with them. He seemed more than satisfied in satiating adiyen’s query. The Gurukulam child’s day begins at 4 : 30 a.m ( except for Deepavali adiyen has seen this time only at dusk). Once all the children are awake and are done with brushing and bowel emptying, they gather outside the Gurukualam and commence Thiru Veedhi Pradakshinam ( ambulating the Main streets around the temple).Whether the breeze blows cold or whether raindrops trickle down the clouds above, these children strictly adhere to the principle of physical exercise at morning. Chanting the stotras composed by our Acharyas on our beloved Emperumaan, these children complete two pradakshinam of Chitra Street thus purifying their souls in addition to breathing in pure air.

The excitement among the children while this boy explained the routine was palpable. The little ones sitting drowsily at the corner began briskly murmuring “ Yoga anna,yoga anna” reminding the boy the next schedule. Once these children come back from walk, they gulp some water, rest for few minutes and begin a short yoga session covering lot of Surya namaskars and a few aasanas. It seemed when the yoga teacher first taught surya namaskar , a 12 year old was upset. On enquiry he asked “ Why should I do Surya Namaskar. Perumal alone is to be worshipped know?” Flabbergasted at this question, the yoga teacher sent in for someone knowledgeable and incidentally the Founder Acharya himself happened to go there and explain this to the child. I called for that boy. The clarity dripping down his face put to rest my doubts on the child’s mental maturity. He re-told the explanation given in his own words which adiyen is re-phrasing below.

In Sandhya Vandanam itself lot of Devathais are paid obeisance including Sooryan. Does it mean we are worshipping them? No .Any Vaidika karma ( i.e anything done stipulated as mandatory in the Vedas) will always have Lord Sriman Narayanan as the sole Receiver of the offerings. But it should be noted that anything done outside the framework of Vedic injunctions will not make Emperumaan the sole receiver unless it is directly offered to him. But this Yogic Surya Namaskar is done by us with the sole intention of gaining physical fitness which in turn will enhance the ability to do Kainkaryam. We have the treasure trove of Azhwars and Acharyas works for spiritual upliftment and don’t depend on Yoga for that. Pacified at this reply, the boy began his yoga sittings.

After the invigorating physical activity kick starting the routine, they eat fruits, some freshly prepared double beans and two glasses full of Kanji( porridge). Then begin the sandhai ,thiruvai and Aagama sessions which adiyen witnessed.

Listening to all this in awe, adiyen was about to throw in more questions when there was a visible disturbance among the students. The reason was simple, it was time for the next activity of Thiruvaradhanam to their little Lord and adiyen’s questions wouldn’t be entertained atleast for a while…..

Their Thiruvadhanam is very very watch worthy. While the aagama students want an elaborate and methodical one, the little ones simply want action unlimited! They try to improvise with utsavams generously infused into the Thiruvaradhanam. Somehow a middle path was chosen and a very beautiful Thiruvaradhanam unfolded before adiyens eyes. With every child participating in his own way, some helping to prepare prasadam, some buying flowers and Thiruttuzhai, some fetching water from well, some aiding the doer of Thiruvaradhanam and some chanting Vedas and Divya – prabandham it seemed the Lord was very happy at these devout children

Once the Srivaishnavar looking after the kitchen was done with cooking, the Prasadams were served to Lord and an elaborate Satrumurai was held. The children properly aligned themselves to a line on either side of the main hall and participated in the Satrumurai. When the words ‘Ramanujarya Divya agnya’ were uttered every child invariably placed his palms in Anjali mudra . Watching that adiyens heart was pounding with joy and adiyen felt a few more Ramanujars were in the making.

The Theertha prasadams were duly distributed following the satrumurai which was a grand spectacle. The love of grown ups often carries a tinge of superficiality and selfishness in it. But love that emanates from the heart of the bud like children is absolutely pure and fresh. It is never poisoned with selfishness, ego, superficiality and other vices.Such was the love of these children of Gurukulam for the Supreme Being encapsulated in the tiny Koil Azhwar ( the box that houses their Perumal). They look after their Perumal with so much of motherly compassion that adiyen felt Emperumaan’s objective of being protected and nurtured by His Bhakthas in Archavatharam was met at the Gurukulam premises.

With the sultry rays of the sun reminding the onslaught of the forthcoming summer, adiyen was exhausted .The whole course of continuous action from morning kept the stomach in a short hibernation but now it woke up and began its protest. Adiyen requested if we could begin the Thadeeyaradhanam(lunch). The children with their usual calm demeanor pointed out that is was time for Madhyanikam and softly asked if I could wait or be served immediately. Adiyen readily agreed to wait. When the players brim with patience, should the mute spectators not have some? Adiyen too joined them in the mid-day ritual.Very calmly, each child picked up his vessel and settled for the mid day prayer.

Adiyen would recommend each of the adiyaars to go to Srirangam and witness the way food is served and taken by the children. Everyone would think what’s the big deal in meal serving after all ? But one has to be there and witness. We can hold long sermons eulogizing the vastness and beauty of sea but the listener can appreciate it only if he travels to the coast and takes a glimpse of the huge water body. After Madhyanikam ,each Vidyarthi reached for his respective plate tucked away at a corner, neatly cleansed it and occupied a place in the main hall. One 8 yr old Vidyarthi has been given the exclusive responsibility of providing water in tumblers for each child .Once all of them(excepting a few) settled, this boy placed the tumbler, very carefully enquires how much water each child wanted and poured him the required quantity. When done with this work, that boy also settled for the meal.

Two boys have been vested the responsibility of serving the meal to all. These two Vidyarthis carry so much of mental maturity that adiyen was quite baffled at its exhibition. Just like others, these two were also hungry but responsibility was all that they seemed to bother for. Adiyen thought atleast today let these two eat with the rest and offered to serve them all. But the strong will of these two never ebbed. They smiled and simply told “ Atithis are allowed only to enjoy and not to strain” and went on to explain the intricacies of Athithi sathkaram which they heard in a Dharma sashtra upanyasam. The words of the speaker ,whomsoever it might have been,seemed to have got embossed in their hearts. Adiyen was about to tell them adiyen was no athithi but a donor who is just like their parents. After all as donors we are partly donning the parent’s role by financially helping these children (We can emotionally help only if we visit them often and strike a relationship). But these little ones won’t understand all that and hence quite helplessly adiyen too sat for the meal.

Like a stream of water clearly flowing in a set path, all these children got themselves arranged in the two perfect parallel lines. It seemed these parallel lines would not meet even at infinity! Immediately began the chanting of stotra paadam and the already pure air turned extremely pious. Simultaneously the two incharges began serving the vegetable stew, paruppu, prasadam etc. Asking every child whether he needs more of the item being served or wanted anything else, these two were showering so much of care and love on the others that adiyen’s hunger got pacified instantly. When everything was served and fully eaten, each child picked his plate,washed it and put it back at its original place. Then two Vidyarthis very neatly washed the place with dried cowdung. Finally the two in-charge boys sat for meals and two others immediately began serving them. To adiyen’s utter dismay many of side dishes were almost exhausted though prepared sufficiently by the Srivaishnavar. Adiyen understood these two had served all the dishes to other students and thus deprived themselves of these items. Post lunch, adiyen poured out my feeling to both of them thinking adiyen was acting wisely. Adiyen asked them to secure some food and other dishes for themselves even before serving the others and if not at least serve judiciously. They were all ears for all of adiyen’s advise and finally simply put an end to adiyen’s monologue by saying “ If the other Vidyarthis eat all the dishes and enjoy the food, it is as good as we eating them . It actually gives us immense pleasure that in front of our eyes our Saha-vidyarthis comfortably enjoy our service. We are engaged in Srivaishnava thadeeyaradhanai on a everyday basis and this a great kainkaryam for us. We have no regrets and hence you to needn’t have any.” So saying, in typical childlike manner they left for a game of cricket with others!

Who will not get stunned by such a matured reply from such young children? For a few minutes adiyen’s lips were sealed and eyes overflowed with tears. We’ve all heard of Srivaishnava lakshanams and adiyen often felt these were bequeathed to us from our Pooravacharyas only in the form of writings and there were no live examples to walk the way our Poorvacharyas did . This ignorance was dispelled by all that adiyen had seen unravel before me. Such sublimity of thinking can come only with the unconditional grace of our Poorvacharyas. On enquiry adiyen was told these two were the descendents of Azhwar thirunagari Arayar and first theerthakarar of Thirukkannapuram respectfully. Being born in such illustrious families, these two children were the epitome of humility and benevolence. Adiyen just wondered… Nathamunigal served the world with Nalayiram and a host of other divine works, far more than what humanity yearned for and this boy having the Shareera sambandham of Nathamunigal is serving delicious Prasadams to all the budding Shri Vaishnavas(more than what they asked !).
All these virtues have come to these children by the values imparted at the Gurukulam and adiyen felt great indebtedness to the Founder and scores of Volunteers in different parts of the globe who’ve sacrificed very many things for the sole benefit of these children.
Though adiyen didn’t want to, my thoughts travelled at lightening speed, traversing the waters of Kollidam and Cauvery to Bangalore where adiyen's family was living a cozy and comfortable life....

( To be continued)

Sannidhi Cleaning - April 2011

Madhurakavi Azhwar was a unique Azhwar among the 12 Azhwars. He preferred unambiguously only Acharyah and did not sing in (praise) accolade of any Divyadesa Perumal. His Acharya Bhakthi didn’t allow him to turn his attention to Perumal. All Azhwars are found to possess ambivalence – speaking something when they got sannithyam of Perumal and speaking differently when they did not get. All of them were found in 2 opposite states while Madhurakavi Azhwar never minded about that.

His Nishtai is called Charama Parva Nishtai and was appreciated by all our Purvacharyas very much. His state of mind is very rare and he was considered as a specimen of a disciple i.e sath sishya.

His Thirunakshatra fell on April 18th, 2011. Students of Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam(SBG) and students of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham(SBK) along with enthusiastic volunteers performed sannidhi cleaning kainkaryam at his sannidhi (Sri Nammazhwar Sannidhi) with pleasant memory of the Azhwar.

The premises of Sannidhi were very clean and pleasant to our eyes after the work was finished, but the faces of the children were very pleasant from the starting to the end.

Which one do you prefer? Prathama Parvam or Charama Parvam?

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Veda Bashya Vidwan Swamyku Vandanam

Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham and Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam students were introduced with a Vedantha Vidwan Sri. T.S Santhanam Vadhyar who has been already known to most of the students. Having spent long years in performing marriages and other ceremonies at many places, Sri Santhanam Vadhyar is a well known vadhyar. Hailing from a divya desam Thirukkannangudi, the swami made Thiruvadi sambandham with Sri Manalur Komadam Kannan Swami.

He learned Vedhabhagam for 15 years and Vedha Bashyam for 5 years. He worked as a teacher in Ku.Si. Patasala to teach Vedas and Sanskrit from 1976 to 1985.

At present the swami is performing veda parayana kainkaryam for SriRenganatha. He also teaches veda at Sri Renganatha Padhuka Vidhyalya. This Swamy is a salakshna kanapadi vedha bashya vidhwan.

The SBK and SBG children much impressed by the long term kainkaryam by the swami prostrated and submitted their sampavana and food materials as usual and as humble.

May the Divya thampathi of Srirangam bless the Swami with a long life and kainkaryam for the sampradhaya.

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Child Psychology - An eye opener !

4th April saw North Uthra Street turn ceremonious with activity. No, it wasn’t the fierce electoral campaigns behind this. Srirangam Thiruveedis have always given top priority to only Sampradaic activities though other events have, unfortunately, started getting all unwanted attention now.

It was the visit of Smt.Uma Shankar, Managing Trustee, Kalvi( Trust for Research and Education) which set the tone for a very exciting and educative day ahead. As all the beloved donors and volunteers are aware, Acharyah is a school under Srimaan Trust which imparts education under Montessori System of Education with the intention to develop invincible leaders for our nation and Sampradayam. Acharyah has been conducting guest lectures frequently by inviting the best academicians in India. The aim of such programs has been to apprise the teachers and parents on various key aspects of child education to bring the best out of the children.

One such initiative had resulted in the visit of Smt. Uma Shankar.Ms Uma Shanker is the Director of the Centre for Montessori Training – Chennai, an educational institution which gives training in the Montessori method as applied to Children of the 3-6 Age group. Since then, her sphere of influence has greatly increased and she has been able to reach many more children in Chennai as well as all over Tamil Nadu. At present she is working with an NGO called Sneha in Nagapattinam where she is helping them adopt the Montessori system of education in the “ Balar palligal” they are running in 33 fishing villages. She was instrumental in starting the programme, The Professional Training of Trainers on which she served as co-trainer thus instigating changes in the government-training for teachers. As Convener of the Chennai 2001 Conference – Montessori, The Learning Revolution, she spread the message for child centred education in Tamil Nadu as well as all over India. At the first Asian Conference on Montessori Education, she presented a paper on achieving Independence in practical life. Earlier at the National Seminar on War on Human Poverty the paper she presented was on “Dr. Montessori’s views on the Social Development of the Child.”

Smt. Uma is a woman worth emulating. The very repository of expert knowledge in the area of child education, Smt.Uma is humility personified. Her down –to – earth nature and candid behavior clearly establishes the saying ‘Vidya Dadathi Vinayam’ ( Knowledge results in humility).

The day ( 4th April) began with her visiting Acharyah at forenoon. She calmly took a seat on the floor and observed the children progress in their activities. A few children seeing her keen interest in their task decided to enlighten her on their work at regular intervals. After an hour at Acharyah, lunch was served. During lunch Smt. Uma expressed her views on the functioning of Acharyah. The encounter with the children had impressed her and also surprised her. An extract of her observation in her own words is as follows:

“I was observing the girl child ( 3 yr old) engrossed in arranging the numbers in order. The aim of Montessori system is to make the child independent in his/her thinking and so even when a child makes any mistake, we, as teachers are not supposed to correct them immediately. The child should be left to think and correct its mistakes. Only then would proper learning happen. But in reality it seldom happens. The concept of child correcting its mistakes has by far been only in theory and hence we as teachers have always interfered in correcting the child.

But here at Acharyah I decided not to interfere if a child missed a step or committed a mistake. This girl child had to arrange numbers in descending order and also had to place beads near each number equaling to that number. Half way through this exercise, the child placed a few numbers ahead of the order and continued unaware of this. The teacher too observed the happening but stayed mum. After a few seconds, the girl made a cursory glance at her arrangement and noted some discrepancy in the arrangement of the beads and found out the root of the problem and rearranged the numbers precisely and reported to the teacher and me. This was a revelation for me. All these years I’ve never seen this at any Montessori school. What had been in theory got translated into reality today.”

Following the sumptuous lunch cooked by a very devoted volunteer of the Trust, ( it is to be noted that the whole family of this volunteer is completely immersed in the Kainkaryams initiated by the Trust) Smt. Uma visited Bhattar Gurukulam in haste fearing the routine Srirangam power cut at 2p.m.

The Gurukulam students gave her a very warm welcome introducing themselves with the details of their name, Divya desam and Acharyan’s name. One student described the daily routine of the Gurukulam students. Another explained the greatness of Divya prabandham and on concluding the explanation, the students recited the pasurams from various divya prabandhams. Immediately a student very fluently deliberated upon the importance of Vedas and Aagamas and splendidly exhibited the Mudras used in Pancharatra aagamas. Smt. Uma was enchanted at this immaculate presentation.

This was followed by 6 Gurukulam students delving deep into 6 topics viz. blood groups and heart, Indian architecture, communication methods, banking system in India, Genetics and Planetary system complemented with colorful charts and models. These students were trained under experts in the respective fields for a whole month and their mastery of the subjects stood testimony to this.

Finally all the students jointly performed Archanai in the name of the visitor and prayed their beloved Thiruvaradhana Perumal to shower His grace on Smt.Uma for the selfless initiative she has been taking on the social front. Smt. Uma was deeply moved at this kind and pure hearted gesture of the Gurukulam students and offered to help the students in all possible ways.

The programme at Acharyah school was scheduled at 6 p.m . It began with the honeyed voices of two Bhattar Kuzham students enveloping the Acharya school premises in Spiritual aroma of Kamba Ramayanam. Following this, the present Head teacher of Acharyah delivered a lucid introduction of Acharyah and its functioning. Sharanya, a recently enrolled volunteer explained the various initiatives of Srimaan Trust at lightning speed. A detailed introduction of the Guest followed and finally Smt.Uma rose to address the gathering.

The speech was predominantly on the attitude parents ought to possess when dealing with children. Often parents expect children to do what all they expect them to. Smt. Uma vehemently condemned this attitude. She stressed that a child’s role model shall ever remain his/her parent, whether they consciously accept them or not. Parents expect children to write endless no. of pages everyday. But how many parents write at home except for some illegible scribbling on a torn sheet of paper for grocery purchase? When this is the case, it is certain children won’t develop writing habit. Parents expect children to sing the instant they ask them to in front of guests. Smt. Uma requested atleast one of the parents in the hall to get up and sing a few verses but none obliged. When this is the case, how can they expect their child to break open the shell of inhibition and freely strain their vocal cords? According to the Montessori system of teaching, the teacher and parent need to walk what they talk. If children have to maintain silence at school and talk in whisper, the teacher should certainly follow this. If the child is forbidden from stepping on to the mat of the other child, the teacher must adhere to this rule too.

Smt. Uma also divided the learning stage of children into 3 phases wherein the child learns the demarcation between good and bad, consequences of emotional outbursts and importance of values.

Smt.Uma was all praise for the working of Acharyah school. She claimed that till date she had never offered assistance or recognition for Montessori schools away from Chennai. It was the unique initiative of Acharyah in fusing spiritual knowledge with Academics that caught her attention and drew her to Srirangam. Smt. Uma was greatly appreciative of the efforts taken by the Founder acharya and his Dharmapatni in running this school customized to the Indian culture and tradition. A few questions were shot by the parents on the effectiveness of the Montessori system of education for which Smt. Uma quoted the live examples of her son and grandson who are from Montessori Board. The way to assess children, the method of bringing out the strengths of children and effective techniques for the overall personality development of children were addressed by Smt Uma.

Following this cogent and to-the –point speech which kept the listening parents and public in rapt attention, the Founder Acharya Shri Parasara Badrinarayana Bhattar Swamy spoke on the need for parents to think keeping in mind their child’s strengths and weakness. Comparing our child with another and keeping the other children as the yardstick of our child’s performance was condemned by swamy. Such attitude threw the children in the quagmire of low self-esteem and negativity. Swamy stressed the need for parents to let children live life to its fullest extent and not weigh them with the load of over expectation. Education should happen happily and not hastily.

The inspiring speech of swamy was followed by proposal of vote of thanks by a volunteer of Srimaan Trust. He explained the reason behind naming the school ‘Acharyah’. ‘Acharyah’ is defined as one, who imparts knowledge of the sastras to students, makes them follow the sastras and also one who follows those sastras himself. With this definition in mind, the school was named so. Our own acharyas have compared ‘ Gnyanam and anushtanam’ with the two wings of a bird, the loss of any one rendering flight impossible for the bird.

The educative programme ended with parents gaining great insight into child psychology and also loads of areas for deep introspection. They understood if at all any changes were to happen to their children, it had to commence from them.

The photos and videos link of this wonderful event is below:

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Vidwath Vandhanam

Nepal Narayan Swamiji is a rare kind of Kainkaraysree. He is in all means fit to be a model kainkaryasree. Born in a very dedicated srivaishnava family his grandfather and father were disciples of Sri Vanamamalai mutt established in Nepal.

Sri. Narayanji at an age of 8 got interest to learn 4000 Divya prabandham through Hindi. When somebody teased him learning Divya prabandham in Hindi, Sri. Narayanji immediately started to learn Tamil Language. At the age of 12, he wished to have Dharshan of Vanamamalai Jeeyar Swami (27th Pattam) and went to Vanamamalai with his Acharya of Nepal origin. When he met the Jeeyar Swami, his only aim was to perform kainkaryam to him and the Sathacharya of Sri. Narayanji let him to stay in Vanamamalai mutt to perform kainkaryam to the Jeeyar Swami.

Sri. Narayanji served the Jeeyar Swami for more than 8 years after which the Jeeyar Swamiji attained Thirunadu. Sri. Narayanji was blessed with the chance of performing charamakala kainkarya for the Jeeyar Swamiji’s of 27th, 28th and 29th Pattam.

During this time he mastered Tamil Language 4000 Divyaprabandham with vyakyanam and learnt Sri Bashyam, Bhaghawath Vishayam and more. He is also a master of many arts, cooking, painting, vigraham making likewise. Yet he is always simple and humble and stays always in the back end of Srivaishnava Goshti. He never accepts his talents and capacities to anyone but performs any kainkaryam allotted to him with perfection.

Sri. Narayanji couldn’t find time in his life for a married life and he never regrets it. Sri. Narayanji also has got a Temple and 2 Ramanujakoodams in Nepal which have been serving for the Sampradhayam.

The Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam students were very happy to get introduced to Sri. Narayanji in their Vidwath Vandhanam. May the sacrifices of Sri. Narayanji inspire the good hearts to take him as their roll models in their lives.

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