Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vidwath Vandhanam

Nepal Narayan Swamiji is a rare kind of Kainkaraysree. He is in all means fit to be a model kainkaryasree. Born in a very dedicated srivaishnava family his grandfather and father were disciples of Sri Vanamamalai mutt established in Nepal.

Sri. Narayanji at an age of 8 got interest to learn 4000 Divya prabandham through Hindi. When somebody teased him learning Divya prabandham in Hindi, Sri. Narayanji immediately started to learn Tamil Language. At the age of 12, he wished to have Dharshan of Vanamamalai Jeeyar Swami (27th Pattam) and went to Vanamamalai with his Acharya of Nepal origin. When he met the Jeeyar Swami, his only aim was to perform kainkaryam to him and the Sathacharya of Sri. Narayanji let him to stay in Vanamamalai mutt to perform kainkaryam to the Jeeyar Swami.

Sri. Narayanji served the Jeeyar Swami for more than 8 years after which the Jeeyar Swamiji attained Thirunadu. Sri. Narayanji was blessed with the chance of performing charamakala kainkarya for the Jeeyar Swamiji’s of 27th, 28th and 29th Pattam.

During this time he mastered Tamil Language 4000 Divyaprabandham with vyakyanam and learnt Sri Bashyam, Bhaghawath Vishayam and more. He is also a master of many arts, cooking, painting, vigraham making likewise. Yet he is always simple and humble and stays always in the back end of Srivaishnava Goshti. He never accepts his talents and capacities to anyone but performs any kainkaryam allotted to him with perfection.

Sri. Narayanji couldn’t find time in his life for a married life and he never regrets it. Sri. Narayanji also has got a Temple and 2 Ramanujakoodams in Nepal which have been serving for the Sampradhayam.

The Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam students were very happy to get introduced to Sri. Narayanji in their Vidwath Vandhanam. May the sacrifices of Sri. Narayanji inspire the good hearts to take him as their roll models in their lives.

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