Saturday, April 30, 2011

Veda Bashya Vidwan Swamyku Vandanam

Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham and Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam students were introduced with a Vedantha Vidwan Sri. T.S Santhanam Vadhyar who has been already known to most of the students. Having spent long years in performing marriages and other ceremonies at many places, Sri Santhanam Vadhyar is a well known vadhyar. Hailing from a divya desam Thirukkannangudi, the swami made Thiruvadi sambandham with Sri Manalur Komadam Kannan Swami.

He learned Vedhabhagam for 15 years and Vedha Bashyam for 5 years. He worked as a teacher in Ku.Si. Patasala to teach Vedas and Sanskrit from 1976 to 1985.

At present the swami is performing veda parayana kainkaryam for SriRenganatha. He also teaches veda at Sri Renganatha Padhuka Vidhyalya. This Swamy is a salakshna kanapadi vedha bashya vidhwan.

The SBK and SBG children much impressed by the long term kainkaryam by the swami prostrated and submitted their sampavana and food materials as usual and as humble.

May the Divya thampathi of Srirangam bless the Swami with a long life and kainkaryam for the sampradhaya.

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