Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Profound in thinking , pragmatic in working , thats His Holiness !

‘Acharyah’ – The school for leaders, was inaugurated in the year 2009 by none other than Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar swamy. The gnyaanam, bhakthi and Vairagyam of swamy is unimaginably mammoth that it is beyond the ambit of human senses, to say the least. The way swamy has been steering the Sampradaya kainkaryams in and outside India is very evident from the scores of Veda adyaayees and Sishyas swamy has produced for Sampradayam. Aim high, aim for the good of the world, be selfless, be for the Supreme Being – These are the fundamental principles entrenched in swamy’s heart and undoubtedly these have fetched for him all his Spiritual aspirations. When it comes to Bhakthi swamy turns into Bharatha, his Vairagyam is like that of Embar, his Gnyaanam is a clear exhibition of his deep understanding of the Sampradaya tenets. The able administration and the leadership traits of swamy have to be witnessed in person to gauge its magnitude.The commitment shown by swamy towards Vaidika dharmam is like the commitment a mother possesses for her beloved 3 year old toddler.

The speech given by swamy on the day of inauguration of Acharyah school was wisdom drenched. Listening to his serene and clear speech gave the feeling of slowly relishing the Aravanai prasadam(a kind of sweet pongal) of Periya Perumal.

Though it was recorded then, to our great misfortune, the recorder was lost and we were very upset. To our great joy and relief, a great soul visited our Trust recently and told he too had recorded the speech of Swamy. We rejoiced and collected the file from him. The link to the speech is here . Do listen and gain get drenched in his wisdom :


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