Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Rahasyam waiting to appease your ears !

The annual Info diary of Srimaan Trust has got released.The diary was released by Periya Perumal and received by Sri Paramahamsa Periya Kelvi Appan Jeeyar swamy on 25/06/2011. Each year the diary carries new features to aid the temple lovers seek their temple destinations easily (the utsava details in diary ) and also get help from the locals( the phone nos in diary).

The modern day critics of Indian tradition blame our culture for underrating the role of women and not recognizing their intellectual and spiritual contribution to our tradition. Regrettably, these critics aren’t aware of our Srivaishnava Sampradaya where we have a Kothai standing at the summit of the Sampradaya parvatham while the azhwars are at the foot of the parvatham, an Andal who resolved the dharma sashtra doubts of the sastra-vidwan Sri Kooratazhwan who cleared the doubts of SriRamanujacharya himself, a Kanakamba (wife of Pillai urangavilli dasar) who severed the ego of many of Ramanujacharya’s disciples by the exhibition of her exemplary traits, a Kongil piratti who proved her unshakeable faith at the feet of Sri Ramanujacharya thus earning his awe , a woman who jumped out of the boat to save nampillai during floods, a woman who pushed the chief of robbers from atop a gopuram of Srirangam temple to save Lord Ranganatha and a 20th century woman who baffled Mahavidwan Sri U.Ve.P.B.Annangarachariar swamy by her ingenious answer (Annangarachariar swamy had visited Azhwar thirunagari to complete his discourse on the magnum opus, Acharya Hrudayam. On a dwadasi morning far before dawn, swamy took a stroll around the streets of Thirukkurugur. As he was walking past a house, the mistress of the house came out and threw the banana leaf used for her meal into the dustbin. Swamy surprised at this odd meal timing asked her how can someone following the command of the sastras have her meal before sunrise. The woman looked at swamy in sheer amusement and replied “ Oh Swamy! Here in Azhwar thirunagari we don’t wait for the sun that sets and rises everyday… Our sun is Vakula Bhooshana Bhaskarar [the sun that wears the vakula maalai - Namazhwar] who has risen at the beginning of Kali. This sun never sets. Hence the saamanya sashtras don’t apply to our Holy Land!]

The above are only a few instances of how woman have made enormous contribution to our sampradayam and the recognition they’ve earned from our acharyas. To explain one such instance in detail, Srimaan Trust has come out with a CD on ‘Thirukkolur pen pillai rahasyam‘. Ramanujacharya, while travelling to many of the divya desams, decided to visit Thirukolur, one of the nava thirupathis and the avathara sthalam of Madhurakavi azhwar. While entering the outskirts of the temple town, Sri Ramanujacharaya saw a woman moving out of the town. Out of curiosity, swamy asked her “ Oh woman, how can thee flee the town that draws everyone in ?” and the reply given by the woman stunned the Jagadacharya. The gripping conversation between them forms part of the CDs [ 3 in number].

The founder acharya has instructed us to give the 1st cd FREE with the diary since his sole aim is to reach the Sampradaya knowledge to one and all. Those interested can buy the 2nd and 3rd parts also. The diary costs Rs.50 (plus the courier charges). We request each one of you to buy a diary for yourself and many for your relatives and friends. As all of you would be aware that the cost of printing has gone very high and even on sale of all the diaries we wouldn’t be able to break even. But this doesn’t bother us provided all of you reap the benefit of the service of the Trust. The Trust shall thrive only when its services are used by patrons like you.

The link of the pictures of diary and the cd is here. Get a glimpse of them before buying :


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