Sunday, August 28, 2011


On a sleepy Sunday noon, amidst the desolate streets of Srirangam, a devout volunteer of Srimaan Trust entered an apartment to handover a set of Sampradaya books asked by a donor. Finding the door no. and finally the owner, the volunteer was greeted with great warmth despite the oddity of the time of his visit.

The donor introduced his spouse, parents (all of whom were enjoying their summer siesta) and finally the cynosure of his eyes, his ‘children’. 3 in no. and studying in 2nd, 6th and 9th grades respectively, these lively children were engaged in one activity which seemed to engross all their senses and turn them oblivious of the volunteer’s presence. They were playing ‘WWF Cards’ (for those of you who aren’t aware of this, please break open your child’s wardrobe or peek into his cupboard or find it from the internet. A very addictive form of game with the single greatest benefit of blowing out your time and incidentally your brains too).

The donor cut a severe glance at them and turned his attention to the volunteer. He lamented that these kids spent their Sundays religiously playing this card game which had turned into an obsession for them. If he snatched away the cards, the kids would coolly tread to the next door and start afresh from their friends cards. The donor wished these children would spend time productively and at the same time entertainingly.

The volunteer came back contemplating the conversation with the donor and in a couple of days an idea struck him. These children want entertainment. They want to enjoy. They want to be together. They want thrill. They want suspense. They also want to kill time. Why not introduce a similar card game with Divya-desams and azhwars as the theme? A game in the lines of WWF Cards but with Emperuman,the creator of muscle as the entertaining factor and not the muscle wrenching wrestlers. Even the adults can play and enrich their knowledge of Sampradayam. So much spirituality can be injected into the human heart through such a game!

Thus, with meticulous planning and discussions, Srimaan Trust has come out with "Sampradaya playing cards". A set of 108 cards (each card depicting each divvy- desam). These cards are to be equally distributed among the players and the game would begin!

It is to be remembered that The Jagadacharya Shri Ramanujacharya was greatly impressed by children who played games involving Emperumaan.

The game would benefit the whole of your family in the following ways:

  • Gain mastery in :
    1. Knowledge of each divya-desam.
    2. Name of Perumal and Nachiar.
    3. The total number of pasurams for a divya desam.
    4. The chapter( pathu) and padhigam in which it features.
    5. The Azhwars who’ve sung for the divvy-desam.
    6. The geographic distribution of Divya Desams since each card contains the Naadu (location) to which the divya desam belongs.
    7. Posture and direction of each divya desam Emperman.
  • Cleanse the minds of the players since every throw of card would make them chant the name of the divya desam and emperumaan.
  • Bring joy to SrimanNarayanan since a mortal (whether with Bhakthi or not) chants His name and His Divya-desam when playing the game.
  • Have the sevai of each divya desa perumal each time the card is used.
  • The air would be kept pure and pious where the name of Divya Desams and the Perumals of those divya desams keeps reverberating.
  • The cards can be played while travelling on Yatra and note about the divya desam travelled to can be penned down on the back of the card for future reference.
  • The cards can be easily handled owing to their palm size. The description of a divya desam in a book cannot be torn and taken to that divya desam but these cards are easily separable and can be carried easily.
  • These cards can also be used for conducting quiz competitions among the children of the family.
These cards can be the best set of gifts that you can give to anyone be them young or old.

Please place your order(s) at the earliest and keep ready the Navarathri gift now itself !


  1. How to place the order

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  2. Sorry for the very delayed response. Kindly let us know exactly where you are located. Copies available at Chennai (Triplicane - 9790923211) or Srirangam (9170403470). We will also courier the same to your place.

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