Thursday, August 18, 2011

Visesha Aadi Poora Theerthavari for Thayar

The Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam vidhyarthis performed, Visesha Aadi Poora Theerthavari for Thayar at Kollidam River.

FIRST DAY – Angurarppanam and Mruthsanghrahanam were performed orthodoxically and Navadhaniya Seeds dipped in milk were sowed in the sand.

SECOND DAY – Garuda Pradhishtai, Garuda Dwajarohanam, Berithadanam were performed just like it is performed at temple. In the evening Thayar was taken in pallakku on shoulders on all Thiruveedhis.

THIRD DAY – Thayar purappadu in pallakku was performed.

FOURTH DAY – Thayar was taken on shoulders to Kollidam chanting Agama Manthras. When they reached the river, Thayar was placed in Asthanam on the river bank, covered with vasthram on 3 sides and performed Punyahavasanam. After Punyahavasanam, the holy water from the kalasa (Vessel) was sprinkled on all the participants.

After completion of reciting Agama Slokas (Pancharathra) and Sadagopam was taken on shoulders by the vidhyarthis and got into the deep part of the river and dipped then by dipping themselves into water chanting slokas.

Then Thayar was taken back on shoulders to Gurukulam after about 2 hours. Ammangar and Kainkaryasree members participated in this vishesha aadi poora theerthavari.

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