Monday, October 17, 2011

Beginning with Victory !

At 6 a.m on the 6th of October, Namperumal, the beloved utsava deity of Srirangam, set on an expedition in his palanquin. The destination was the temple of Singaperumal famously known as Kaatazhagiyasingar, a temple located about a kilometer from Srirangam. The agenda of the expedition was to signify the killing of the Asuran named Vanniyasuran and to signify this, the very same evening Namperumal’s representatives( the Archakars) on his behalf ,struck cane arrows with brass heads at the Vanni Tree and also in different direction. This act of Namperumal was a reminder of his oath, the oath to protect the good and punish the evil. And this day is called Vijayadashami, the day that stands for victory.

Back in the Uthra Streets of Srirangam, the very same morning, Acharyah school was embellished with flowers and scents. The usually ebullient sun, was a bit hesitant in rising since a group of suns carrying satchel around their shoulders, bedecked in bright shirts and matching shorts strode their way into the Acharyah school premises. It seemed the finest pearls across the globe bequeathed their luster to the eyes of these toddlers, the diamonds their glitter to the face and gold its purity to their heart.

Vijayadashami celebrations began at 10 am. All the parents of Acharayh school were invited and all of their were present. Sharp at 10 : 30, the Gurukulam(SBG) students, under the guidance of Sri Raman Bhattachariar swamy conducted ‘ Vidyarambha Homam’. The Homan was a prayer to Hayagreeva Emperumaan, the Lord who is the Very repository of Knowledge and the bestower of knowledge. The Gurukulam children performed the Homan with utmost sincerity and keeping in view the well being of the Acharyah children. The very scene of one set of children( Gurukulam) doing a Homan for the well Being of another set of children(Acharyah) evoked tears in the eyes of the parents and the volunteers of the Trust. The Homan continued till 1 p.m and to the joy and astonishment of the parents and the faculty of Acharyah, almost all the Acharyah school petals stayed glued to the mat till the end of the Homam! In an age where the only power capable of keeping the children glued to a place is the television, the Acharyah children showed that they were special. They stayed despite the fumes from the Homan causing irritation to their eyes. They stayed despite their stomachs pleading for food. A Vijayam for the vision of the Trust on the day of Vijayadashami !

After the Homam, special prasadams prepared at the Gurukulam were distributed to the parents and children. Aksharabhyasam( teaching alphabets) was conducted for the new entrants. Each new child sat on the lap of a Gurukulam student and another gurukulam student held the hand of the new entrant and performed aksharabhyasam. So beautiful a scene! And to mark the auspicious occasion, teachers started a new chapter in each subject. And that very evening, Sankalpam was made in the name of all Acharyah school children and archanai performed at Srirenganachiar’s sannidhi.

Just as Namperumal struck arrow at the demon,signifying the conquest of the evil, the children of Acharyah need to strike arrows at their senses( indriyas) and keep them focused on acquiring, assimilating, understanding and finally spreading knowledge. If they are able to achieve this, then Vijayam will beckon them at every stage of their life. And let us pray the Gracious couple to confer upon them this Vijayam !

Please don’t miss the colourful and gleeful children of Acharyah :

acharyah vidhyarambam homam photos

acharyah vidhyarambam homam videos

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