Monday, October 17, 2011

Enjoyable Exam !

Exam days are days when every medical parameter would throw a fancy number when tested on us. The head would ache; the heart would beat from tip to toe, the legs would turn brittle and the stomach would sing never before heard songs. Added to this woe would be our bloodshot eyes and unkempt hair. Overall we would stand to win the appreciation of every mother who is desperate to feed her 2yr old boy if we just let the child have a glimpse of us.

But for our gurukulam children, exam is an enjoyment! For them it is a chance to get nearer Emperuman with their mastery of Kainkaryam. The exams are tension free but very exciting event for them. Unlike us, these children are tested not on the syllabus of that year alone but on everything they’ve learnt from the first day of Gurukulam. We at school learnt the reasons for various phenomenon occurring in the world and were ultimately tested on our knowledge of them. The Vedas call Emperumaan “ Sarva kaarana kaaranam”. These gurukulam children are so fortunate to learn the superficial kaaranam as well as the ultimate kaaranam. True education is education about the Supreme Being. Sashtras declare “ Yasmin Vignyathe sarvam aevam vignyatham bhavathi” meaning if one knows the original cause, the subordinate causes are automatically known. Hence if the true knowledge of Paramapurusha is obtained by us, no further knowledge need be attained in life since He is the final destination of the pursuit of knowledge.

Recently, we had the Annual Divya Prabandha parikshai of the Gurukumal children. With utmost grace, Sri Thirunarayanapuram Ananthanpillai Ranganathachariar swamy(popularly known as Kutty swamy) accepted to test the children. Swamy is an adyapakar at Srirangam temple and a master of Divya Prabandhams. The children were tested individually as well as in groups.

Swamy was very happy at the way the children performed. He also suggested improvements in certain areas like pronunciaton . He was more in admiration of their bonding with one another and their aarthi towards sampradaya kainkaryams.

The link to the photos is here for your viewing. Please view the same:

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