Friday, October 28, 2011

Feeding our family....

One 17th morning (Monday), when the volunteers of our Trust were seriously engrossed in their respective kainkaryams, there came two middle aged men, very pale and haggard and wounded in different parts of the body. They bore marks of domestic laborers. Seeing them stand calmly at the doors of the Trust, a volunteer enquired there whereabouts and the purpose of their visit to the Trust.

These two men were painters in Srirangam. They were basically poverty stricken. Added to that, a recent accident while at work left them with wounds throughout their body. But the malice of poverty prevented them from seeking medical aid. And somewhere, they heard the Trust’s name and approached it for help. The Trust volunteers were deeply moved by their story and immediately arranged provisions for their family and medical treatment for them. They are now better both physically and in their mindset. Many a times, we encounter people who ask us why the Trust ventures to help people outside the Srivaishnava circle. Every soul is part of the divine “Vasudeva Kutumbam”. It is from His womb that all of us have emanated. And every atma, being his property needs our care and attention. It is in this spirit that these two men were helped. Uplifting the people who are at the lower rungs of society is our dharmam and the Trust shall ever endeavour to be of assistance to the have-s not of our society.

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