Monday, October 17, 2011

The joy of honouring !

In continuance of the felicitation kainkaryam of various Bhagavathas in our Sampradayam, Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham(SBK) recently, under the ‘Sannidhi Vandanam’ scheme, paid homage to the Archakar swamy of Namazhwar sannidhi. Under the Sannidhi vandanam scheme, every month a Kainkaryaparar of a sannidhi is chosen and the children of SBK honour him with a small sambhavanai ( pooled out of their savings).

The archakar swamy of Namazhwar sannidhi has been in kainkaryam for many years and his devotion and dedication towards Azhwar has drawn him the respect and affection of all the Bhakthas. It was our Baghyam to have felicitated him on behalf of the donors and well wishers of the Sampradayam.

In another instance, Sri N. Viraraghavachariar swamy( lovingly addressed as Pattanna swamy ) , a great veteran of the Srivaishnava sampradayam was honoured under ‘Vidwath Vandanam’ scheme. Swamy, equipped in both Vaideeka and Loukeeka education has been propagating the Eternal Truths of our sampradayam through pracharams, Kalakshepams and Upanyasams. More importantly, swamy is running a Gurukulam by name ‘ Parashara Gurukulam’ under Vishvakshema Trust in the beautiful city of Mysore. The Gurukulam houses young Brahmacharees who are imparted both vaideeka and loukeeka education . These children are sure to take our sampradayam and sanathana dharmam to great heights. A detailed note on the Gurukulam is attached for your viewing. Please go through the same to appreciate the initiative of Swamy. Pattanna swamy was thrilled to see our children ( As he loves children) and gave them a very understandable and relatable guidance. The cheerfulness of Swamy threw light on the atma Gunas possessed by him. The SBK students were very elated to have received and honoured Swamy.

The photos of both Vandhanams are here for your viewing :

sannidhi vandhanam :

Vidwath vandanam :

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