Monday, October 17, 2011

A reflection...

Everyone is happy when appreciated. But for us at Srimaan Trust, appreciation is an indication that our performance of kainkaryam needs of be further fuelled. It is an indication that we have great hearts to stand by us and support us in achieving gargantuan Kainkaryams that await us in the near future; it is a sign of relief to us. Most importantly it showcases the Grace of Periya Perumal and Srirenganachiar; the Divine Couple have been monitoring and aiding in each step the Trust has taken.

All the appreciations directed at us are the mirror reflections of your own Kainkaryams, for, we are doing all the divine kainkaryams on your behalf. From the food, clothing, living premises and recreational activities, every joy of the gurukulam children is due to your benevolence. We ardently wish you accompany us in this Journey of Kainkaryam forever and satiate the thirst of our Poorvacharyas!

We are reproducing a few appreciative mails received by us. We thank the donors who’ve sent them and remind them/you that they (you) are the true recipients of the appreciation.

Sri Bhattar Swamy,

I don’t know how to write nice mails like this but could not stop myself from sharing my thoughts in my own crippled language. Please excuse me for that.

The mails from Srimaan Trust are very enjoyable. I don’t miss reading it. The photos and videos make the readers to live in Srirangam for that moment. Recently I visited Srirangam for couple of days to take part in our Respected Acharya Koil Gandhadai Annan swamy thirunakshatram (1 to 10th Oct ’11). I got the chance to enjoy the veda goshti by the kids from bhattar kuzham. Even though it was late in the evening these kids chanted with shradhai and w/o a swara bedham. Looking at the kid’s innocent faces, enthusiasm and intelligence I used to wonder how blessed they are to be brought up under such a care, compassion and guidance.

My very best wishes to the kids and mangalasasanams to Sri Bhattar Swamy


Ramanuja dasan. ……….Sri. Ranganathan T S

Dear Team, Hi !

The examples are great.

If your mails us regularly with these types of example it will help our children to grow well.

Please keep sending, Thank you for the team.

In the photos the young boys eyes are so bright with that itself we can know how good they have been developed.

……..Smt. Kavitha Krishnamoorthy

DAsan narasimhan pranams to the kainkaryaparas at the trust. my heart filled with joy and eyes with tears at this great "practicals" conducted by the children of the gurukulam. there cannot be any better way of doing practicals. i am sure He would have enjoyed the kainkaryam from the tiny hands of the children.

…… Sri Narasimhan vr

adiyaen dAsan, wonderful write-up . adiyaen krutagyathai for devareer mails, its adiyaen bhAgyam to receive all devareer mails.

wonderfully written, the content is very rich and crisp with more sampradAyic meaning....

adiyaen just recollects what is given by our poorvAcharyargal in the vyakyanam.. the same comparison with elephant and EmperumAn

for Swatantrym. this is being shown in the Avatharikai of Acharya hrudayam and also the Thiruvaimozhi first pAsuram (mayar vara mathi nalam)1.1.1.

Excellent adiyaen! Have been thoroughly enjoying your write-ups and have great liking for them.

…….. Sri Gopalakrishnan Alagiamanavalan

After seeing the photographs, I wish I am atleast one amongst the Vidhyarthis of this great unmatchable Gurukulam. Let me hope to have this privilege at least in Adiyen's next birth.

.Sri Balakrishnan.

Adiyen was out of Mumbai on official work and returned two days back which caused my delayed response although i did READ the mails while i was away but could not respond.

Once again the Kainkaryashree who had visited the Great Gurukulam and rendering his impressions and feelings gathered by him during his visit is immensely fulfilling our hearts too. The Children's love either to our Supreme Empurumaan or to the people around them being so pure, serving of Thadeeyaradhanam by the TWO vidhyarthis with love and compassion to saha vidhyarthis or to the Athithis up to their satisfaction as per the Srvaishanava Thadeeyaradhanai are very much felt in my heart while reading the same. Our heartfelt Congratulations to all the Kainkaryashrees involved in the running of Gurukulam.

With very best wishes to one all



4th April 2011. ……Sri PURUSHOTHAMAN R

Adiyen is delighted to read all your mails and feel how these children are blessed by the Divine Dampathis for having an Acharya like you and an environment wherein, our samnpradayam is being imbibed in today's loukika world. I Pray the Divya Dampathis that more and more Srivaishnava children comes under this sphere.

…….Smt. Rohini Vasudev

PRANAMS, Overwhelmed to see children perform these spiritual activities

.....Smt. akila sanath

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