Saturday, November 26, 2011

Built.....​.to last!

16th November 2011 marked a significant day in the career of Srimaan Trust. While all of us have loved to possess a new house of our own, a house built brick by brick from the pennies we have carefully deposited in the bank, this new block of Srimaan Trust rose from the savings of many dedicated souls to stay for eternity and serve the Srivaishnava world. While we invited the close relatives and bosom friends for our Grihapravesam, an assortment of innumerable souls were the invitees for the inauguration of “Eramanusan Ponnadi”. They included every donor of the Trust from its very inception, Kainkaryaparas from each divya desam, Acharyapurusha families, adhyapakas, Vidwans and past and present beneficiaries of the Trust. 1200 invitations were sent across India.

Work began a couple of days before the Grihapravesham. The volunteers, along with the past students of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham (SBK) were engrossed in preparing the new premises for the Grihapravesam. The dedication shown by the past students of SBK cannot be described by words. Most of them didn’t leave the Trust for two days. Neither did they go to their houses nor to their workplaces (or college). Every action of theirs created joy and motivation in the minds of the volunteers. The motivation that they ought to create more such “ Kainkarya jewels” for sampradayam.

The muhoortham was between 6- 7:30 am on 16th. The new banner resplendent in shades of golden and red with “Eramanusan Ponnadi” printed on it, was slowly raised and put on the new building with the joyous shrieks of the volunteers. The whole building glittered in the light of the bright lamps and the glow was enhanced by the full smile of the Srivaishnavas present there.

At 6:30 am, with all the Bhagavathas assembled at ‘Eramanusan Ponnadi’, the auspicious cow along with its calf was brought outside the premises and go-pooja was performed. New vasthrams were put across the body of the cow and the calf. Sandhanam was ceremoniously sprinkled on them. Fresh Kunkuman was smeared across their forehead. An instant later, the Pravesham was done with Sri Parasara Azhagiyasinga Bhattar swamy and Ammangar, SriAasuri Madhavachariar swamy, all the Gurukulam students, donors and the volunteers entering through the front door. The environment was electric.

Immediately, the Holy cow and its calf made their way into premises followed by the Founder Acharya and His Dharmapathni. The Homa kuntham was placed in the second room at the ground floor. The Homan was awaiting the arrival of Pramahamsa Srirenganaraya Jeeyar swamy. And as expected, Swami arrived at the promised hour. Under His auspices, the Homan was conducted in which all the Gurukulam students participated. The whole building reverberated with the chant of SriSudarshana Azhwar’s Thirunaamam and Mantram.

Simultaneously as the Homam was progressing, the first floor was ready to feed the Srivaishnavas with Balabhogam. Majority of the volunteers, students of SBK and the students of the Gurukulam engaged in serving Balabhogam with each room getting filled simultaneously.

This was followed by the Gurukulam children bringing their Thiruvaradhana perumal , doing a splendid alankaram to Him and readying Him for the Divya Prabandha gosht. The gosthi was headed by one of the adhyapakars of Thiruvarangam Periya Koil. Important pasurams from all the Divya Prabandhams were recited. The Gurukulam children participated with utmost enthusiasm. Finally, the satrumurai was conducted and theertha prasadams distributed to all.

By noon many sthala –acharya purushas visited the premises and heaped their blessings. Sri Sirupuliyoor Annan swamy, despite his age, placed his Holy foot on the new building and blessed the Children.The alankaara thadeeyaradhanai was conducted at Sri Koorathazhwan’s sannidhi.

This shareeram of ours was given by Emperumaan to serve Him and His adiyars. But due to the Prakruthi sambandham, half our life is eaten away by sleep, a quarter in fulfilling the fads of the Indriyas. If at all our life is left, we spend try to spend it in Bhagavad and bhagavatha kainkaryam. But even then, how many Bhagavathas can we serve with our shakthi and time? Very few. But a building can serve innumerable bhakthas from its very inception. And it can go on and on for many years. “Eramanusan Ponnadi” is here to stand and serve Srivaishnava Sampradayam for posterity.

Like the Keerthi of Eramanusar, we pray the Lord of Thiruvarangam to keep the Kainkarya selvam of “Eramanusan Ponnadi” to last forever! We request each of you to visit Eramanusan Ponnadi and commence its kainkarya journey.

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