Monday, November 7, 2011

Following THE footsteps!

In our Sampradayam, the most important acharya is Sri Ramanujacharya. His importance is so evident that the Lord of Thiruvarangam, Namperumal, rechristened the name of this sampradayam with his name as Emperumanar darshanam or Ramanuja darshanam despite the likes of Brahmanandi, Bharuchi and other Great rishis of the Vedas contributing immensely to it and all the azhwars and acharyas dedicating their lives for the sampradayam far before the avatharam of Ramanujacharya.

Till date temples resonate with the sound of ‘ Ramanujarya divyagnya’ be the temple at Nepal or the temples at the Southern tip of India. No doubt this Acharya was the gift of Namperumal to this darshanam. His greatness is such that in most temples , it is His perumai that is sung as Gosthi (Ramanuja Nootrandadhi) for the thirunakshtram of any azhwar or acharya. Even for their own Thirunakshtrams, they wish to hear His praise ! That He was considered with great reverence by His predecessors and successors is no surprising a fact considering the magnitude of His personality.

But we shouldn’t think He was sought only to seek religious initiation or to solve philosophical problems. His acharya, Sri Periyanambigal sought His aid for every domestic problem of his. When His daughter came to a marriageable age, he called upon Ramanujacharya to seek a groom for her. When after marriage, the in-laws of the daughter demanded a servant, he sought Ramanujacharya for a solution and Swamy gave the best answer in the form of Mudhaliaandan. Swamy’s Muth was the single point where a variety of problems and difficulties queued up seeking solution and were resolved in the best possible manner.

Just by impersonating Him we won’t become Him. But following his footsteps will surely make us to His liking. And that is what each one of us is endeavouring for. Srimaan Trust is also in this endeavour. An old girl student of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham (SBK), after completing her academics was decided to be given in marriage to a bright boy good boy.But she wasn’t from an affluent family. How to conduct the marriage was the boiling question? And the parents were at the Trust’s premises for solution.

The first word of the Founder acharya and the volunteers was that this girl is Lord Ranganatha’s treasure which meant she was ours too. And conducting her marriage was our duty too. With these words they assured the parents of help in all forms. As a first step all the utensils needed for marriage were purchased and given to the parents. This was followed by monetary aid and will be followed by human resource aid.

And we pray the Lord who made Ramanujacharya the ubhaya vibhoothi naathar to give us more opportunities to follow the footsteps of Ethirajar!

The photo link of the utensils given for the marriage is here :

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