Saturday, November 26, 2011

Learning the eternal language...

Is it possible to describe vividly in words the incomparable grandeur of the Sun? Well, Sanskrit is as resplendent as the Sun. Its intrinsic worth and value cannot be brought out in full measure in words. It is no hyperbole to say that even if all the trees in the world are treated as pens, all the water in the oceans and seas the ink and the entire earth the writing sheet, we cannot adequately bring out in words the extraordinary richness and opulence of that priceless and peerless language.

How old is Sanskrit? Well, it is as old as Emperumaan Himself which means, it has no origin, neither human nor divine. The exact antiquity of Sanskrit cannot be established with any degree of certainty. There were standard books in Sanskrit on almost all the disciplines in ancient India including science, technology, mathematics, astrology, astronomy, medicine etc. So, it is not as if Sanskrit is literature alone, including devotional literature, and nothing else.

But the decline of Sanskrit began with the establishment of the Muslim rule in India. Mohamad Ghazni was a raider who invaded India seventeen times only to loot India of its wealth. He had no intention of establishing Muslim rule in India. But, Mohamed Ghori, not only invaded India, but established Muslim rule in India in the twelfth century. He replaced Sanskrit with Persian, as the language of administration. Since then, Sanskrit was on the wane, though it did not become extinct, thanks to Emperuman’s bountiful grace and the efforts of our Poorvacharyas and several other Mahans of other Darshanams. Other than the vyakyanams and a few other works, most of the divine writings of our Poorvacharyas have been in Sanskrit.

When India became independent from the British rule, Sanskrit should have been adopted as the official language of India. But it wasn’t so adopted. And today, this blunder has resulted in our relegating Sanskrit to a position that was meant for foreign languages like French and German. Sanskrit is now a language that we can choose as second language provided our misbegotten foreign language fad lays in hibernation. But the irony is that the foreigners are smitten by Sanskrit.

Samskritha Bharathi has been taking several initiatives in promoting Sanskrit throughout India. They have toiled hard in taking Sanskrit to the masses and school going children. And Srimaan Trust has been pouncing at every chance to promote and spread Sanskrit. So when the people of Samskrita Bharathi approached the Trust for pooling in children for taking spoken Sanskrit classes, a meeting was arranged inviting the parents of SBK children and several others. About 50 students were enrolled in the classes. In a short duration, the children learned Sanskrit and began conversing in it.

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