Monday, November 7, 2011

Nectar to the ears!

Sriramayanam competition conducted for school chidren every year by our Trust has two stages. The first stage is the written competition based on Valmiki Ramayanam while the second is recitation competition. A child who has scored 60% in the written phase becomes eligible for the second phase. The second phase consists of recitation of jewel like shlokas from Sriramayanam, Samkshepa Ramayanam and Pasurapadi Ramayanam.

This year, despite the weather being so cloudy, no cloud was seen in the faces of the children and they participated with absolute excitement and enthusiasm. Each child excelled in his own way of expression and tone of recitation. Shlokas were explained with their meaning. The children almost performed Harikatha with actions for each shloka. The judges resorted to a tough questioning pattern where they asked questions like 'tell the Shloka that describes the most enviable quality of Raama? Tell the shloka that describes the craving of sri raama for seetha? And the children were exceptionally well in answering these questions. A 10 year old child from Nanganallur took the gathering by storm with her exemplary rendition of each shloka in a different Raagam. The nectar of Rama blended with the wonderful voice of the child and plunged the gathering into spiritual bliss.

Four judges were invited and the competition went on very nicely. Evey time the children explained the greatness of Rama as explained in the various works they have written in their hearts, every volunteer wished to rejoin school and participate in this competition !

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