Monday, January 9, 2012

Sharing Knowledge...

The Gurukulam children are, with great thirst, learning the various facets of the Sampradayam. In a day, they think of Emperumaan so many times that His thought shall ever bind to their soul and propel them into noble action. It is for the creation of Beings with the “Vaasudeva Sarvam” thought that the Trust has been working day and night. Of course, it is only His Grace that can produce such individuals. But we, on our part can create an environment that shall instill pure devotion in the minds of the children. And these children shall definitely turn torch bearers of the cause of unpolluted Bhagavat Bhakthi.

With the view to prepare the children to express their thoughts cogently and confidently, they were made to share their knowledge to public at Uraiyoor, with the divine Grace of Kamalavalli Nachiar and Sri Thiruppan azhwar. This shall make them adept in communicating their thought to the public at large and impress upon the people the greatness of our sampradayam.

A video link is here. Though the audio is not too clear, please do watch the video and bless the child :

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