Monday, January 9, 2012

A Tale of transformation...

Vidya or education has many facets. It caressingly protects us like our own mother; shows us the right and wrong path lying before us and induces us to pick the right one; just like a man besotted by every aspect of his beloved mistress and who nourishes ever happening around her, it transcends the mind enveloped in ignorance to enjoying every aspect of life with zeal and zest; it tramples upon the anxieties and worries brewing at the bottom of the mind; it fetches us good name and immense popularity among the people. What can education not achieve?Thus education is like the “Kalpaka Vruksham” that bestows anything prayed for.

With the Grace of Namperumal, the only Kalpaka Vruksham that, in addition to showing every want, grants itself to its Bhakthas, Srimaan Trust has been trying to give education or support children who desperately need education through the Vidya Sahayam scheme. This scheme is as old as the Trust. From the year 2000, many children who couldn’t afford education have been extended support. Not for one or two years but for their entire schooling and graduation. Today each child has turned into a responsible adult ready to contribute to the society. Along with the school education, these children were trained in SBK so that they carry with them lofty morals and the seed of Sampradayam.

And now, we have children( of course adults, but for us ,the old and boisterous little ones only) who have become teachers in schools and colleges illuminating the minds of innumerable students; we have children who have ventured into research, we have children holding important posts in Financial institutions and children into business. But all of them retain one trait. The deeply entrenched feeling that their lives are pledged to Emperumaanar Darshanam. This has led them to teach Sampradayam to their associates at offices and people in their neighborhood. Slowly and steadily their youthful yet mature insights are bringing new faces into the fold of Emperumanar Darshanam. And we, the volunteers, as spectators of this slow magic woven by Namperumal, swing hither thither in irrepressible raptures!

Now the number of children receiving Vidya sahayam has increased manifold. We fervently pray the omniscient Emperuman to show these children the right path as He has show for the past student. And those souls filled with love for educating the children and helping chart their career, please do help.

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