Friday, May 25, 2012

Charity as a way of life

Priya arangan adiyars,

A leaf out of one of the rooted stories of Mahabharata, Yakshaprasna. - Yaksha throws up this question to Yudhistara, (to be answered correctly to release his brother’s) - “What are the main abodes of religion, success, heaven and happiness?” ‘Charity, ‘Truth’ and ‘Good morals’ are the main abodes of our most revered religion and the key driving factors of human happiness too, answers the very humble Yudhishtara.

As evidenced by the above reference from our greatest epic Mahabharata, one of the most important thing that anyone from any background could do is to improve one’s’ life and the life of others is by practicing charity. It’s importance lies in the fact that it inspires you to ‘GIVE UP’ to ‘ GIVE TO’ others or to contribute back to the society that we live and grew up in, around us, to elevate oneself to the highest level of human purpose.

Inspired by this very thought was our spontaneous donor, who took that beginning step towards implementing charity in true sense. The donor had read as a matter of fact in one of the corporate websites that we all pay 12.36% as service tax to the Government – leave aside, whether done willingly or unwillingly. Second, being the most visible way out chosen by the tax payers.

Going beyond this obvious invading thought of expenditure, the donor considerably merited the cause of charity as a noble cause in comparison to forced expenditure and willingly acted upon it too. Eventually, donated a considerable share of his earnings’ for the noble cause of our Trust, supporting the very practice of charity for a noble cause - as a way of life.

Imagine our society that lives up the standards of such timeless appeal of the practice called Charity – for a noble cause. Why not each of us walk that extra mile to GIVE UP a bit of us to GIVE TO our society in our own little ways making a difference to oneself and to others’ ? How difficult is it to part with a negligible 1% of our earnings for a noble cause around us? It’s time to think and to act upon such thoughts too and live up to what Lord Krishna quotes in Bhagavad Gita – ‘Selfless service/Charity provides preparation, discipline, and purification necessary for renunciation.’

 We are herewith attaching a letter received from one of our divine donor for you to view and follow in (y)our life.  As requested by the donor, we are not showing his/her name.  Only because of such divine donors like you all  we are able to do so many charitable activities. Hence, kindly support us forever and bring more from your connections for the divine cause.

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