Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Priya arangan adiyar,

Sri U.Ve Ammal Sowmyanarayanachariar swamy, simply called as Melathirumaligai swami, is a typical srivaishnava leading his life as Udayavar wished.  He can be called as the specimen for paripoorna athma guna poorthi.  Humanity is born with the swami and everyone known to him will say the swami possesses Humility as his ancestral property.

Having a very large circle of sishyas especially poorvasikaas(Periyazhwar, Thondaradipodi azhwar belongs to this great cult) the swami performs sampradaya kainkaryam in a highly devotional method.  The swami was closely related to Sri Sudarsanar U.Ve Krishnaswamy iyengar (SriVaishnava Simham) of Purthur and he used to go to Puthur daily to help the Puthur swamy in editing, proof reading etc of his famous monthly magazine “Srivaishnava Sudarsanam”.

During the Brahmothsav festival of Thiruvellarai, the swami used to arrange a number of swamis from various divyadesams to assemble and make sathas.  He also used to arrange Thadhiyaradhana for hundreds of srivaishnavites along with residential facilities.  Being a well versed Adhyabaka of full 4000 Divyaprabandhams and Sthothra Padams and one of the NalayridaAdyapaga of Srirangam Temple the swami has got a number of students throughout the year. 

It is really a pleasing experience to hear the swami reciting Sthothra Padams and Divyaprabandhams in his blessed sweet voice.  The swami has brought up his son Sri Vishnu Chithan swamy (for whom marriage is being held today at Tiruvellarai) also in the same high manner and is becoming an expert in Ubayavedantam. One of the swami’s products is Sri Parthasarathy, a shishya who has risen as the head of Veda Patasala.

It is very difficult to narrate all about swamy and in a nut-shell he can be referred as a role-model for the students as well as the veterans of the sampradaya.

We have been blessed with the chance of honouring and revering the swamy at out Vidhwath vandhanam. The swami’s introduction will induce the children of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham and the swami’s blessings will fetch the good results.

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