Saturday, May 5, 2012

SBG - Annual Parents Meet

Priya Arangan Adiyars,

Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam has been functioning over the years for the development of spiritual masters who will also be brilliant in worldly sciences. It is expected that these young minds would nourish our Sampradayam through the future for the generations to come. There are about twenty students in the Gurukulam presently who are not only trained in Vedas, Divya Prabandham, Agamam etc. but also are groomed up well in regular academic studies like maths, science, geography etc. In the path of this quest, the annual parents meet was organized on 30th April, 2012 under the shade of the holy feet of the Divine Couple.

The meeting started at 11 am in the morning and the parents and relatives of all the students attended the meeting. The meeting mainly was intended to showcase the talent, expertise and achievements of the Gurukulam students and also served as an opportunity to honour the volunteers who have shouldered great responsibilities in order to support the Gurukulam.

The academic performance reports and the progress spiritual learning were all displayed at the function. There was also a poem written by the caretaker Sri. Vijayan Swami which elaborated on the efforts and achievements of these students during the year. Next, the teachers of academic subjects spoke about the Gurukulam students and their performance and also shared their experiences with the Gurukulam students.

This was followed by honouring of the teachers who have not only carved out a good syllabus but have also taken efforts to teach the students effectively midst of other challenges. It should not be forgotten that three students appeared for the class ten public exams this year which is a new milestone for Gurukulam. This was possible only due to the endless support offered by the external teachers who would voluntarily spend time after their regular school hours to coach these students to take the exam.

Following this, the students came forward to talk about their learning process and share their experiences. It was also nice to see the students talking about their progress in the future and their expectations in the path of their learning. Even the parents spoke about the performance of their children not only as a student but also as an overall individual. They were simply overwhelmed to see their kids being groomed up as excellent individuals who would enlighten the society in the days to come. Some parents couldn’t even believe the transformation in the conduct of their children that, they couldn’t even speak! Silent tears down their cheeks conveyed us the message.

This was followed by the speech by the founder Sri U.Ve Parashara BadriNarayana Bhattar Swamy who also expressed his joy for the excellence displayed by the Gurukulam students. Apart from this, he also emphasized the need for the students to practice daily anushtanams and rituals without fail wherever they are. He also explained about the food and eating habits practiced at the Gurukulam and also expressed his concern about following the same trend even during the month vacation at their home. He also foresaw these students as those who would perform Kainkaryam at various Divya Desams and also lead a marvelous loukika life in the future. He also ensured that our trust is constantly eager to help these students accomplish that ultimate goal.

The final session of the meeting was dedicated to honour the volunteers who have been tirelessly working for the effective functioning of the Gurukulam. Even though the service rendered by these volunteers is invaluable, we took this opportunity to express our gratitude to these volunteers. The innumerous kainkaryams rendered by Smt. Radha and Smt. Lakshmi were also timely and crucial for the smooth functioning of the Gurukulam. They have selfless dedicated themselves for this cause. Even though, they bear huge responsibilities in their family, they managed to find time and make themselves available whenever there was an urgent need.

The parichArakar at the Gurukulam, Sri. Kannan Swamy has simply been magical. Even after spending long hours at the furnace-like kitchen, he has the patience to attend to the needs of the students. Moreover, the students are offered a variety of foods that it won’t be an exaggeration to say that they are fed better than at home. He also takes special care for students going for public exams, like asking them about their exam performance, motivating them to study and preparing food for at the right time so that they can keep up the exam schedule.

Sri. Vijayan Swamy was one another volunteer who actually came to Srirangam to learn Agamam. But during his stay in Srirangam, he also served as a caretaker for the Gurukulam. Generally, it is said that one cannot be a cat’s friend and still protect the milk. But Sri. Vijayan Swamy has just contradicted it. Indeed, he has been the most favorite caretaker for the Gurukulam children. But that doesn’t mean the students were not well behaved. He used the weapon of patience and kindness to correct the follies of the children. His methods were so nice that the children realized their mistakes and would not repeat it. Due to all these reasons, he has captured a special place in the hearts of the Gurukulam students.

Above all, the grace of Namperumal and Ranganachiyar has helped our Gurukulam come up in such good colours. This occasion also serves as a chance thank them for their everlasting anugraham on our Gurukulam and also pray to them to offer more power to explore new realms in the years to come.


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