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Priya arangan adiyars,

Children are the assets of the society since they will become good citizens in future. They will be the torch bearers to uphold cultural, moral and spiritual values in the days to come. Indeed, it’s rightly said that ‘Child is the father of man’ which essentially means that the behavior and conduct of a man is dependent on his childhood. The very purpose of Srimaan trust is to mould the children into role models who will propagate spiritual values of our Sampradayam in the future. One such an effort is the ten-day spiritual summer camp for the children of age 6 to 15 years.

Every summer, as the academic year draws to a close, parents start looking for summer camps for their wards to attend.  On Apr 30th 2012, all roads led to Srirangam and children from all parts of South India headed to the Spiritual Personality Development summer camp. But don’t be fooled, this is not one among the other summer camps that one finds in the newspapers or pamphlets.  This summer camp is a truly unique camp and it attracts those who are interested in Sampradayam and culture. This summer May 1 – May 11 about 120 children and youth of ages 4 – 15 attended this camp.  The fee for the camp may have been free but its value is immeasurable. They also provided free food and accommodation for out station campers.
On May 1st, the stalwarts of Sampradayam from Parasara Bhattar Thirumaligai, Periya Nambi Thirumaligai etc blessed the children that they should become future leaders of Sampradayam as they grow up. The spiritual personality development camp offered Sriranga Mahatmiyam, Samskritam, Sri Ramayanam, Sri Bhagavatam, Azhwargal Vaibhavam, Acharyargal Vaibhavam, Do’s and don’ts of Sampradayam, Arulicheyal interspersed with projects and field trips. It is worthy of mention that this entire camp was organized and conducted by graduates of Bhattar Kuzhaam (a part time spiritual course run by Srimaan Trust for the past 12 years and counting) who are all pursuing college level courses along with professional  training. The volunteer faculty members had come from all walks of life from across Tamil Nadu staying here for the entire span of the camp.
The camp was in full swing from May 2 onwards. The campers were divided in two groups based on age Bhattar - upto 10yrs and Azhwan – 11-15 yrs. Further the campers were grouped by gender as Srivilliputtur, Thirumalai 1 & 2, Kovil, Perumal Kovil, Thirunaraiyur and Uraiyur. A day during the camp begins at 9am. It starts with all the children reciting the names of Alwars and Acharyas in the entire Guruparamparai (lineage of Acharyas upto Emperumaan Himself). Our Poorvacharyas have selflessly shown us the right path for which we need to express our gratitude by always chanting their names. Then Morning Prayer followed by attendance and then about an hour of santhai on Kanninun Siruthambu followed by other classes.  Post lunch session was dedicated to field trip or project.
            The mentors switched groups every hour approximately with only a break for lunch and ending the day at 4pm. There are no words to describe the vibration of the atmosphere where there was so much spiritual knowledge being shared and discussed.            There were children from 4 yrs onwards and content was presented to them in such a manner that even they were engaged all day in a positive way. True to Andal’s divine words “Koodi irundu Kulirndu”, these mentors and mentees spent good part of the day immersed in discussing, pondering, learning, wondering about the leelas of Sarveswaran Srimannarayanan. They were learning and discussing stories of Dhruva, Prahladha, Ajamila ,Ambarisha from Sri Bhagavatam , details of Rama’s route of travel in Sri Ramayanam, details on the history of Srirangam etc.
         There is no doubt that the Lord would’ve descended to be amongst His devotees in Krishna Mahal – the venue. 

To be contd…

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