Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An unexpected loss to us all.

Priya arangan adiyar,

The Nepal air crash has claimed the life of a devoted Srivaishnavar Sri Sudarshana Bhattar, paramparai archakar at Thirukkudandhai aaravamudhan sannidhi (Saarngapani sannidhi). He is the father of Sriram, a very brilliant and promising child of our Gurukulam. This swamy has been at Kainkaryam at various temples and is known for his services at Srinivasar temple at Fanaswadi, Mumbai. The whole family is known for its unrelenting dedication at the temples of Emperuman.

The plane crash has been a shock to the whole of our Srivaishnava fraternity.The agony of this bereavement to the family, especially the spouse and children( Sriram and his sister) is beyond words. Till date we, the donors and volunteers of Srimaan Trust were only foster parents of Sriram. But from today we are to replace his father, though we know how difficult a task it is. The whole hope of their family was pinned on the life of Sri Sudarshana Bhattar..the education of His elder sister, her marriage... all these dreams.Our Founder Acharya and Ammangar spoke to Sriram and his family and comforted them. Swamy re-iterated the fact that our own parents are foster parents and the true parents Namperumal and Srirenganachair will always be with the child and family. In times of difficulty, we are to seek solace under the loving fingers of Srirenganachair.

Let us all pin our hopes on Namperumal and Nachiar and pray them to give utmost strength and resilience to the family and child in the midst of this unforeseen calamity. Financial support to the family at such a time is invaluable.Let us do what we can. The trust email id can be contacted for giving support.

Sri Sudarshana Bhattar had been to Srirangam recently to participate in the Annual SBG parent teachers meet. His speech there evoked great emotion among other parents and teachers. He moved with all the students of the Gurukulam in an exceedingly amiable manner. The photos and videos taken on his visit is here in this link.



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