Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unwinding spiritually!

 Priya Arangan adiyar,

For any society, the children are the building blocks. If they are groomed well, the society is sure to progress in the right path and achieve excellent results. But for that ,the persona of children should be charted with utmost care and forethought. Their individuality should never be axed. With their individuality, follow- worthy thoughts should be embedded into their system. The character traits of the future architects should be chiseled, pruned and brought to a shape that can help society at large. Building them spiritually will be the best path to do this.

Keeping these in view, a Camp has been organized from May 1st and will continue for ten days. The inauguration took place on May 1st with the launch of ‘ Bheri Thadanam’  Cd by Sri Therazhundur SriRaman Bhattachariar swamy. Swamy is an expert in Pancharatra Aagamas and is down to earth when it comes to accessibility. The Cd is about the beginning of Brahmotsavam for Emperuman where each of the Devathas are invited to be part of the celebration. An invitation from the parent to  His children. The stothram on the Devatha is recited, song is sung and dance related to the Devatha is performed ( as per aagamas). These were the practices which has unfortunately been lost now. The CD tries to bring them back. The Gurukulam children have had the baghyam of reciting the verses along with SriRaman Bhattachariar swamy.

Another CD was released at the same function. It speaks the greatness of Srirangam (Srirenga Mahatmyam) as contained in Brahmanda Purana. The Upanyasam has been rendered by SriRaman Bhattachar swamy and compiled by his illustrious son, SriBalaji. These are works that have seen the light of day due to the tireless efforts of SriRaman Bhattachar swamy and His son.

The turnout of participants in the camp was 95 on the first day and this has gone to 125 now. The purpose of the Camp was explained on the first day. Each of the volunteers who will engage the children were introduced. A few topics on which the children are receiving knowledge are  Sriramayanam,Ithihasas , Puranas and character orientation,Spiritual arts and crafts ,Things to be done and to be avoided, SriBhagavatham Srirenga Mahatmyam , Divya Desangal Azhwargal and Acharyas and Spiritual games. The children are completely enjoying the stay at Srirangam. Frequent dips in Cauvery and Collerom, Namperumal and Thayar to visit and the wonderful company of other children……….

The experience at the Camp shall be updated very soon……

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