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What else is to be learnt?

Priya Arangan adiyar,

Though Namazhwar is lovingly called “Krishna Trishna Tathvam” by our Poorvacharyas, He had immeasurable love for SriRamapiran too. In the seventh centum, fifth decad of Thiruvaimozhi, Azhwar revels in the bountiful grace of Sriramapiran. Azhwar chronicles the incidents in the life of SriRamapiran and magnifies the qualities that make Emperuman the most endearing Piraan.

கற்பார் இராமபிரானையல்லால் மற்றும் கற்பரோ
புற்பாமுதலாப் புல்லெறும்பாதியொன்றின்றியே
நர்பால் அயோத்தியில் வாழும் ஸராஸரம் முற்றவும்
நற்பாலுக்கு உய்த்தனன் நான்முகனார் பெற்ற நாட்டுளே

“Will those in quest of Knowledge seek to know any but SriRamapiran,
Who did instill love great for Him even in the smallest ant and tiny grass in Ayothya, the blessed city,
Things still and mobile, with no effort on their part,
Of all the places in this world, created by Naanmukham (Brahma)? "

When Iramapiran went into exile, even the inanimate objects got fretted in grief. The trees shrunk, the leaves withered, the tanks ,the ponds,the lakes and the water bodies boiled up in utter grief that no one could go near them. And when Emperuman retraced His steps back to the land of Ayodhya, the trees started bearing fruits out of season, the orchards were in full blossom bespeaking the enthusiasm and exuberance of their joy over the Lord’s home-coming. Such was the spell of love cast upon all things, still and mobile and all creatures in the blessed Kingdom of Ayodhya by SriRamapiran. This God-love of unfathomable magnitude was generated in them by the sole spontaneous Grace of Lord and without any effort on their part. They never pursued the paths of umpteen disciplines laid down by Sastras for cultivating it. It is not one’s spiritual learning and deep erudition that secure the final goal of Moksha but the Lord’s sweet to spontaneous grace and non-resistance of his infux of Grace on the part of the beneficiaries. Of all the places within the creation of Brahma, there is only one place called Ayodhya where all things and beings from the biologically superior to the most inferior, subsist on the passionate love for SriRamapiran, in total replacement of the normal source of sustenance like food,water etc. and so can anyone long to know of any but Lord Rama who instilled such love out of His sweet, spontaneous grace? In the next 9 pasurams azhwar beautifully narrates the greatness of Emperuman and shoots thought provoking questions at the general public.

In the land of this Namazhwar, the very soul of SriRamapiran, is it not appropriate for the air to reverberate with the name of SriRamapiran. With the view to impress upon the children in and around Azhwar Thirunagari, Srimaan Trust took efforts to conduct SriRamayana competition there. It is to be noted that in the past few years, there has been a great influx of Christian missionaries in these places resulting in the conversion of a significant number of people from our Faith. We hope this effort of the Trust will contribute in reclaiming people back, if not , at least stall the rate at which conversion is taking place .

Around 1000 Children from the following schools participated in the written competition :

Malaviya Nursery and Primary School            –   Azhwar Thirunagari
Kamalavathy Nursery and Primary School    –  Aarumuganeri
KG Nursery and Primary School                       –   Kuruvikkulam
Hindu Middle School                                             –  Tirunelveli

And many students from Nava Thirupathy came directly (not through their schools)

Around 100 children were selected for the final competition (recitation). The final function was held at the ground attached to Malaviya Nursery and Primary school. The Chief invitees were Sri U.Ve. Vidwan Atthan Appu Shatakopachariar swamy, Sri U.Ve.Vidwan Elayavilli Bhuvarahachariar swamy and Sri U.Ve.Vidwan Elayavilli Sriraman swamy. Our Founder Acharya honoured these revered vidwans. Sri Atthan swamy stressed the importance of Sriramayana in the light of the sacrifice of Piratti. Sri Bhuvarahachariar swamy took a few shlokas from SriRamayana as an illustration to show the wealth of spiritual knowledge encased in SriRamayana.Sri Sriram swamy focused on how the Sriramayana competition is opening new unexplored spiritual avenues among the children in the remote villages. The competition is paving way for a deep bonding among the students in different social and financial strata of Thirunelveli and suburbs.Our Founder Acharya reiterated the need for parents to involve children in spiritual activities. The first three prize winners received gold coin, silver coin and memento respectively .Every participant in the competition bagged a complement from the Trust.

This was followed by honouring all the volunteers, Judges and teachers of Sriramayana. Their efforts are the intangible assets possessed by the Trust. Hence, all of them were honoured appropriately. The Ammangar of Karkolam thirumaligai of Azhwar Thirunagari was the chief co-ordinator of the competition from its very beginning. Her dedication and
involvement was appreciated by the Founder Acharya.

This was followed by the recitation of Pasurappadi Ramayanam by all the children. The words of Azhwars and Acharyas knit together by Vyakyana Chakravarthy Sri Periyavacchan Pillai made the air aromatic. The function concluded with this very recitation. May the Land of Namazhwar bring us more SriRama Bhakthas !

The photos of the competition are attached for your kind viewing :

And the videos to watch

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