Thursday, June 7, 2012


Priya arangan adiyars,
During the April and May months we got the boon to honour and prostrate some rare veterans of Srirangam as well as neighbouring Divyadesams.  We would like to share the joy and kripa with you in this and forthcoming emails.

Sri.Mudaliyandan Swamy, one of the two main disciples of Sri Ramanuja is well appreciated for his administrative skills and humility which were much appreciated by Udaiyavar himself.  The same quality is glittering in the hereditary of Sri Mudhaliyandan  Sri U.Ve. K.K.V.A. Kumara Ramanujachar swamy (Varthamana mudaliyandan swami)

swamy is a perfect specimen of the Mudaliyandan Vamsa.  Being very humble and simple, the swami is doing Bhagawath kainkaryam for a very long time.  He is very devoted to Emberuanar Dharsanam and performs atyadbuda kainkaryam  for many decades at Singaperumal koil.  This swamy has got large number of sisyas spread all over our Barata Desam. Not only that, this Swamy is fond of many divyadesa archa emberumans and feel very happy in doing kainkaryams there including Sri Kooram, avatharasthalam of Sri Koorathalwan.

Sri Mudaliyandan swamy was very close with Koorathazhwan swamy, every vaishnavite is aware of it.  The same relationship is maintained now between the swamis of Sri Mudaliyandan and Sri Parasara Bhattar, son of Koorathazhwan.  The swami is much related with SRIMAAN TRUST and has acted as a key role in our spiritual exhibition that was conducted 4 years before at srirangam.

  The Sri U.Ve. K.K.V.A. Kumara Ramanujacharswamy (Varthamana mudaliyandan swami) Swami visited our Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam and was very pleased to find the students activities.  He was much impressed upon the students’ performance of Nithya Thiruvaradhana.  He was very happy to note the students performing poojas and festivals just like done for Sriranganatha.  Immediately he promised the children that he would arrange some Vahanas for the use during the festivals.

Sri Swamy also placed his divine feet in our "Sri Ramanusan ponnadi" ,  the newly built gurukulam premises and showered his divine blessings.

    Let we have the bagyam of seeing mudaliyandan swamy:

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