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A Dip in Divinity - IV

Priya arangan adiyar,

(... the sampradaya drama at SriMudaliandan thirumaligai continues - 12th May 2012)

The screens go down. And in a few minutes, they’re up again. Once more, we witness  a woman in deep conversation with a Sanyasi. But this time it is the woman from Thiruvallikkeni and the Sanyasi, Manavala Mamunigal.

The woman travels from Thiruvallikkeni to Srirangam and strides quickly to the Muth of Manavala Mamunigal. Swamy asks her whereabouts and she gives details of her nativity. With utmost surprise swamy asks “When the Emperuman of Koil, Thirumalai and Perumal Koil jointly reside in thiruvallikkeni, when the seed of Emperumanar’s avatharam is thiruvallikkeni, when the best of Srivaishnava women reside at Thiruvallikkeni, how come you’ve deserted that holy land and proceeded therefrom? The woman gives a series of answers. One such answer was “Vellatti aaneno Aandanai poale?” (Did I become a handmaiden like Aandan?).

The scene changes immediately. A gathering is seen. Atthuzhai, dauther of SriPeriyanambigal runs into Periyanambi’s thirumaligai(house) with tears forcefully trickling down her cheeks. She cries “Oh father! My mother-in-law every now and then pricks me with arrow-like words and actions. The fact that we are not well to do has not gone well with her. Today, I wanted to bathe in the Holy Cauvery and asked if she could accompany me. And oh! She scowled at me asking me to take the non-existing handmaiden who was sent with me during my marriage. I am at my wits end… Please show me a way. Periyanambigal, with amusement in His eyes retorts “ I know nothing of these issues. Go to your Jeeyar and ask him your way.” The child runs to the Muth of the busiest sanyasi to seek a solution to her domestic problem. Swamy stalls all conversation with the people in the Muth, with the temple authorities and asks Attuzhai to explain her tears. She animatedly narrates the happening. Swamy smiles and assures her everything would be fine. He calls for the still busier Kainkaryaparar, Shri Mudaliaandan and orders Him “Aandane! You go to Attuzhai’s home and perform the domestic chores as ordered by her in-laws”. Aandan, with humility, leaves the Muth to accompany Attuzhai. In a few days, the in-laws identify that the man washing the used vessels, the man sweeping their foot-dirtied floor, the man washing their sweat dribbling dresses was none other than the man ordering hundreds of workers to sweep the floor of Srirangam temple, the man ordering hundreds of workers to wash the vessels of Lord Ranganathan, the man ordering people to wash the vasthrams of Lord Ranganatha. They shiver at the prospect of amassing unmitigable paapam and ask Him why He came as a servant. Shri Mudaliaandan gives a straightforward reply “ My Acharyan sent me. I came. And till He calls me back, I won’t leave.” They run to the house of Periyanabigal and curse Him for the revenge he had taken on them by sending such an accomplished Sashtra gnyani as a servant to their house. As usual Shri Periyanambigal points His fingers towards the Muth of Jeeyar and they gallop towards the Muth. Swamy takes control of the situation and calls back Aandan and says “If He can’t stay there and do the work of a servant, let him stay here and do it.” And the in-laws realize the cheapness of their mentality. This performance was greatly applauded. For a few minutes everyone plunged into the Gunasaagaram that ShriAandan was. And the children of SBK were extremely happy to have performed the charitram of Shri Aandan in front of the present day Mudaliaandan swamy.

Following this, Sathyapriya, a student of SBK kept the audience spell- bound with the rendition of Sriramayanam in the tamil vowel series. A small demo of “Srimaan Card Game” was given and all the games on hand got sold on the spot. Many Srivaishnvas wished to have a game for home. And with that, the day’s events came to close. Seeking the blessing of Shri Mudaliaandan swamy again, the children traced their steps back to the place of accommodation. Our Founder acharya and Shri Mudaliaandan swamy discussed vital things regarding the development of Sampradayam among the youth.

Sri Koil Kandhadai Vadoola Kumara Srishaileshachariar swamy   ( Vaikuntavasi Centenarian) was a Sampradaya veteran, to say the least. Swamy was a master of Nalayira Divya Prabandham and never missed Aruliccheyal Gosthi. Whether the health supported Him or not, swamy involved in the Kainkaryams with utmost passion. During Swamy’s time, a large number of people sought asylum under His divine feet. It is a great feat of  Mudaliaandan thirumaligai that many of the Sishyas of the Thirumaligai have become Vidwans in the sampradayam and are spreading its tenets through magazines and upanyasams.

A few photos shot during the drama  are here :

( be continued)

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