Monday, June 11, 2012

Everlasting taste...

Priya arangan adiyar,

"Kruthalakshana" - An interesting name of Lord Sriman Narayana referred to in the Vishnu Sahasranama means, one who is the owner of auspicious signs. Parasara Bhattar, in his commentary, also had said that the name referred to one who has the "Bhagavatas" as His followers. The Lord easily identifies His true followers and to qualify for this, one should be friendly towards all and help them whenever they needed it and when they don’t need it too – at all times.

Emphasizing this and following this basic principle is one of our bhaktha, a donor from Chennai, who donated well packed baskets of jackfruit and mango in large volumes to our trust as his token of kainkaryam to our trust. Sharing sparks the sense of oneness with those we share with. Spreading this important message, these baskets were then distributed in and around our temple area by our trust members to the following persons :
  • To the kainkaryaparas of Sri Ranganathar temple Thirumadappalli.
  • The Students of the neighbouring patashalas of Srirangam. They enjoyed the fruits especially the sweet jackfruit.
  • To students of our own Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham.
  •  And the kainkarysree members of our Trust too.
  • The children of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham (SBK) went to each of the Acharyapurusha’s thirmaligai and humbly handed them the basket of mangoes and jackfruit.

Such a magnanimous act of a true Bhagavatha( the donor of fruits) highlights and assures the  importance of kainkaryams in all forms and at all times in our lives. The true sense of ‘Sesha Bhavam’, as discussed by our preceptors  explains this need and importance too - That the foremost duty of all people, especially SriVaishnavites, is not to entertain any difference between human beings as each one represents God and if one wanted to get eternal bliss, he should serve others in this life itself.

The photos capturing the distribution is here for your taste :

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