Friday, June 29, 2012

Karur Sri Ramayana Prize Distribution Function

Priya arangan adiyars,

Emperumaan has blessed us with the Vedas which serve as the only means to attain Him and enjoy Him forever. But considering the vastness and complexity of the Vedas, he also has given us Ithihasas and Puranas through the works of great sages like Valmiki, Parasara, Veda Vyasa etc which preach the essential values to be practiced by humans. Out of Ithihasas and Puranas, the former is considered greater because Emperumaan Himself incarnates as a human and shows us the path to live by being a trend-setter. Sri Ramayanam is one such an epic.

The term Ramayana (Ramasya ayana) literally means ‘The journey of Rama’. Even though this superficially refers to the Sri Rama’s travel across the span of Bharatha Desam, figuratively it also seems to describe the path revealed by Sri Rama for us to follow. A story of such great significance has been passed down generations after generations even beyond the frontiers of country, language, religion, creed etc. It is indeed a pride that Ramayana is celebrated not only in India but also in South-east Asian countries like Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and Sri Rama has been a great hero even in the eyes of Buddhists and Jains!

As a tribute to this great epic and as an initiative to create awareness about its greatness among children, Srimaan trust has been conducting Sri Ramayanam contest every year across various cities in Tamil Nadu. There were around 5000 participants this year. The children were given the study material for a written test on Sri Ramayana. This written test serves as the first round of the contest and those who performed well in this round were selected for the next round. The selected children were asked to recite slokas from Valmiki Ramyanam, Samkshepa Ramayanam and Pasurapadi Ramayanam during the next round.

The prize distribution ceremony for the contestants from Karur had taken place recently. The chief guest for the programme, Kapisthalam Sri U.Ve Srinivasachariar Swamy handed over prizes for winners and mementos for other participants. It is a pleasure that Srimaan trust is instrumental in preaching the story of Sri Rama to the young children by the way of Sri Ramayana contest. We only thank Namperumal, Ranganachiyar and our Acharyas for giving us this opportunity.

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