Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Salem Sriramayana Contest Prize distribution function

Priya arangan adiyars,

Sanathana Dharmam is a tradition based on the values defined by Vedas. Vedas are regarded as the breath of Emperumaan Himself. Emperumaan and Vedas are that much inseparable. So, even during Tretha Yugam, when Emperumaan takes avathaaram as Sri Rama, the Vedas also incarnate as Sri Ramayanam. Hence the greatness and importance of Sri Ramayanam is equivalent to that of Vedas. It’s even important because Emperumaan Himself has taken the form of a human and showed us the way of life. It is indeed true that Sri Ramayanam is a great gift for mankind and as said by our elders, its message will spread in all the worlds until the mountains stand and rivers flow in this world.

As an effort to highlight the importance of this great epic, Srimaan trust has been conducting Sri Ramayanam contest every year at around ten cities in TamilNadu. In this year, around 5000 children took part in the contest throughout the state. The contest consists of two rounds in which the first one is a written test about the story of Ramayanam. The children are provided with the study material for the contest. Those who perform appreciably well qualify to the next round where they have to prepare and recite verses from Valmiki Ramayanam, Samkshepa Ramayanam, Pasurapadi Ramayanam. Those who have performed well in this round receive prizes and others receive mementos for their participation.

Recently, the prize distribution function for the participants of Salem had taken place. The function was preceded by a number of divine hearted merchants like Srimaan AVR Santhagopalan (M/S Kumbakonam Silver Shop), Srimaan ANS Sriram (M/S ANS jewellery), Srimaan Vasu iyengar (M/S Rukmani Textiles), Srimaan Hemanathan (M/S MSR sons) .

      Our Salem Kainkaryasri team made a wonderful preparation for this function.The winners of the contest were rewarded with gold and silver coins as a token of appreciation of their excellence in learning the verses of Sri Ramayanam. This contest serves as an opportunity to promote the ideals shown by Sri Ramayanam in the hearts of young children who will carry forward the values of Sanathana Dharmam to the generations of the future.

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