Friday, June 1, 2012

Spiritual Camp- Anubavam-Part III (Final Part)

Priya arangan adiyars,

      (Anubavam thodargiradu...)

All the children were taught Kanninunsiruthambu during this camp. It is sweet to hear childish language (mazhalai) and it is sweeter to hear Kanninunsiruthambu. If both of them combine, the experience is something which cannot be described by words. Indeed, their chant was so nice that we need to learn the proper way to chant Kanninunsiruthambu from them. It had the clarity, coherence and the right pace which we generally lack while chanting.
     On the last day of the camp, May 10th was the most hair rising and spiritually charging event – Veedi Pradakshinam. The campers all in traditional attire – boys in veshti and girls in pavadai arrived at 7.30am at Sri Parasara Bhattar Thirumaligai – the headquarters of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham. At about 8 am, with mela thaalam and banners that shouted out phrases from Azhwars’ arulicheyal the children organized themselves in files – first boys and then girls. They left the Thirumaligai chanting “Sri sailesa” and then chanted Kanninun Siruthambu repeatedly until they did a pradakshina of Kovil in the four chithirai veedis.  The children then went straight to Nammazhwar sannidhi to receive blessings theertham and Madurakavi. All around the chithirai veedi, the residents came out of their homes and Thirumaligais. Their happiness and appreciation was apparent on their faces and some even verbally expressed their appreciation to Ammangar.
        After a spiritually charging and physically exhausting 10 day camp, the 11th day was the Valedictory function where scholars and Acharya Purushas were invited to bless the campers. The project work done by the youth in Azhwan group was put up for display.  The displays included  thiruvarangan ula,Sri Ramanuyathra, Thiruvallikkeni Penpillai Rahasyam, Kaisika Puranam,Vishnu Puranam, Nava Vidha Sambandam and more. The visitors were asked to vote for one team based on how well they liked the display and explanation. The little ones in Bhattar group had rehearsed for the Sampradayic 1 – 10 and enacted very beautifully and confidently. Lord Srimannarayana appeared for numeral 1 and emphatically assured us “Aham eva para thathvam”, for the numeral 2 – Perumal and Thayar appeared together , Mudal azhwargal spoke about themselves for number 3, Rama Lakshmana Bharata and Sathrughna described samanya, visesha, visesha taram and visesha tama dharmas for number 4 and so on until 10. The chief guests blessed the gathering and especially the children and srimaan trust for conducting such an inspiring camp. From each group, one child was awarded the Best Camper award for best behavior, prizes were awarded to project displays based on votes by parents/visitors. The little ones who participated in the Sampradayic 1-10 were also presented with participation certificate and prize. Everyone left the hall with full hearts and immense happiness - the happiness that stems from a spiritually uplifting experience and that is long lasting.
        The camp was conducted due to the tireless efforts of a few volunteers who are also the very early students of SBK. They have worked day and night to plan the schedule for each day and execute it accordingly. This serves as an opportunity to thank their selfless efforts. Eventually, we also express our gratitude to our Namperumal and SriRanganachiyar , our poorvacharyas and  divine donors like you all for making this camp possible.

Excellent photos taken during Veedi pradakshanam and Project Day:

Let we joyfully wait for write up on cherishing kainkaryams being undertaken....

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