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Srimaan Info Diary - Nandana - 2012-13

Priya arangan adiyars,

The annual Info diary of Srimaan Trust has got released. The diary was released in a Vidwath Sadhas in Srirangam before vidwans like Sri Parasara LakshmiNarasimha Bhattar, Sri Venkatachariar Swami (Narsapur), Sri Karunakarachariar Swami, Srivaishanvasri Krishnamachariar Swami with our founder swami on auspicious Vaikasi Visagam day. Each year the diary carries new features to aid the temple lovers seek their temple destinations easily (the utsava details inside and outside Thiruvarangam in diary) with some Question and Answers on Sri Pancharathra Agamam practiced in Thiruvarangam.

Today Vaikasi Revathi, Namperumal who have No Purappadu or Thirumanjanam after his Vasanthotsavam until his first Purappadu on 18am Perukku, Purappadu to Cauvery Thayar. His sankalpam to reach his children in the form of this email on Srimaan Info Diary 2012-13 with his Nachiar.

Thiruvaragam which has unique interesting characteristics on all aspects in nature when comparing with other divyadesams. Nature which has personality of born self can be seen from Thiruvarangam as Swayam Vyaktha Kshetram. There are 8 DivyaDesams which are not installed by any Devas, Manusyas, Rishis, Kings, etc. A Sloka says on Swayam Vyaktha Kshetrams:

Srirangam Venkatadrischa SrimushNam Totaparvatam
Salagramam Pushkaramcha NaranarayaNAshramam
Naimisham Cheti ME SthananyasoU Mukthi PradhAnivai
YetusvashtAksharaIkAka: VarNamUrthir VasAmyaham
TishtAmi KrishNa KshEtrE puNya SapthakOgatha:
AshtAksharasya Mantrasya SarvAkshara Maya SadA

In this verse Lord Narayana points out that the eight Swayam Vyakta Kshetrams of Srirangam, Tirupathi, SrimushNam, Vanamamalai, Salagramam, Badri, NaimisharaNyam, and Pushkar grant liberation to those who visit the place. The Lord as the Archa Murthy at each of these Kshetrams signifies one Aksharam of his Ashtakshara Mantram.

From this 8 Sriragam is the First and in which emberuman uniquely is in sayana thirukkolam from others in the list. Sitting posture in 3 Kshetrams, Standing in 2 Kshetram and in the form of Nature in Kshetram.

Also Srirangam is Famous for Kalakshepams from our Purvacharyas period where it was came through Oran Vazhi and later spread through by Swami Ramanujar. Another uniqueness in Srirangam, where aranga nayagam who is one in oran vazhi acharyas himself had kalakshepam from Varavaramuni, which cannot be seen or heard from other divya desams. Vaikundavasi Koil Vidwan Narasimhachariar who is one of the couple of Kalakshepa Adhikari in recent days who done Kalakshepam on various grandhams for various current day vidwans. Like Periya Koil he is Periya Vidwan in Koil.
The founder acharya has instructed us to give the a Video CD (thanks to Emberumanar Dharsana Kainkarya Sabha, Srirgangam) with the diary since his sole aim is to reach the Sampradaya knowledge with the vidwans lived/worked in that to one and all. The diary costs Rs.50 (plus the courier charges) which includes Rs.20 for Koil Vidwan Swami's family. We request each one of you to buy a diary for yourself and many for your relatives and friends. For Donors, we request to send us Minimum of Rs. 20 for Koil Vidwan Swamy through any of the mode. As all of you would be aware that the cost of printing has gone very high and even on sale of all the diaries we wouldn’t be able to break even. But this doesn’t bother us provided all of you reap the benefit of the service of the Trust. The Trust shall thrive only when its services are used by patrons like you.

The link of the pictures of diary and the cd is here with diary release function. Get a glimpse of them before buying :

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