Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The answer is : Holistic - I

Priya arangan adiyar,

Just as we need a clean, strong and resistant mind to tackle the ups and downs of everyday life and keep ourselves afloat in this whirlpool of anxiety and stress, we do need a set of shining and strong teeth to chew and digest the variety of eatables that we encounter in life. Yes, do understand the word ‘encounter’ in its dramatic sense. Not every food item is so easy to tackle. Our Namperumal does not stop with testing the level of mental strength that we have acquired through Sampradaya learning. He does test the valour of a tooth or two of ours also, especially with His Kedayam (a tooth-breaking, yet divine tasting prasadam).

The humour apart, our Sampradayam is such that it stresses the holistic well- being a human being. And many of its ways are so subtle and at times ‘out-of-the box’ that we never tend to understand them. But follow them for the benefits.

When a doctor, clad in a white coat, with a stethoscope curling round his neck and in a serious tone advices us to take a handful of tablets everyday, we do it willingly. Never have we tried to know what those medicines are. Never have we tried to know what the doctor has studied. But we follow his words implicitly. Why so? It is because we have unquestioning faith in him. And what is wrong in that? Can we study medicine for 4 years to accredit the doctor and acknowledge his stature before gulping those medicines? Can we study law before acknowledging the prowess of the lawyer we plan to engage? Or can we study architecture to test the skill of our house’s architect? It is a strong and optimistic belief that the above mentioned people know things and will do us good. We don’t research their work. But when it comes to metaphysics, we tend to doubt the meta physicist in the form of our Acharyas and Rishis. The point here is the meta physicists are to be still more believed since they venture into terrains not accessed by science.

.....( to be continued)

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