Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The answer is : Holistic - II

Priya arangan adiyar,


Our Acharyas have shown the path to an excellent physical-mental development and balance in life. The yogic aasanas were embedded in the nithya anushtanam of SriRamanujacharya. Counseling has been held by every acharya for his sishyas. Every thought found outlet. Feelings and thoughts weren’t kept to self thus allaying the burden of the heart. Harmony existed when our acharyas traversed the streets. Is it the same now? It is for us to introspect.

The children of Acharyah are fed the thoughts of acharyas. They are introduced to the thoughts of the doctors too. They learn how the normal sciences have developed while delving deep into the science beyond. They get first hand experience of the material as well as the spiritual world.

Coming back to the original topic of tooth, the children of Acharya were visited by a Dentist named Divya. As part of the plan to have guest lectures from the professionals themselves, she was invited to enlighten the first grade students on everything about the tooth, especially dental hygiene. The doctor possessed extreme enthusiasm. Models on the upper and lower jaw,tooth, milk tooth and a few others were brought by her. The session was extremely informative, equally to adults as to children.

‘How to brush your teeth?’ was the first popular question poised? A few seemed to know the answer offhand. a few looked bewildered. And then a few children started enacting enthusiastically as though rehearsing for a play. Pat came an innocent reply from one…  ’with a toothbrush’. The doctor was extremely effective in showing how to brush the teeth, the time involved, the speed, the areas to brush. Once this was taught, all the children re-enacted the brushing ritual, this time correctly with better co-ordination.

(....to be continued)

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